Lift and Secure Your Mower with MoJack

Regular lawn mower maintenance is important to keeping your mower in top shape. Maintenance can easily become a do-it-yourself project (DIY) if the homeowner has the proper equipment to handle the job. The difficult area of DIY lawnmower maintenance has little to do with the actual maintenance. The difficulty is the inability to reach the parts in need of maintenance. That is where MoJack comes in handy.

MoJack is designed to lift mowers and secure them so the mower can safely be worked on. The front end of the mower is lifted off the ground for easy access to the blades. Removing grass and other debris from the mower is easier with the MoJack as well as sharpening the blades and changing belts. These easy to perform maintenance jobs were once dreaded by homeowners who use riding mowers

Old methods of lifting a mower for maintenance included car ramps and blocks. Although these methods got the job done, it was unstable and unsafe for the person performing the jobs. The mower could easily slip and fall, causing injury to the person as well as damage to the mower. Since MoJack has a securing system built in, the mower stays in place and well balanced throughout the maintenance process.

MoJack is able to lift and secure nearly all home lawnmowers as well as some commercial types. There are several MoJacks to choose from depending on the size of the job that needs to be done. The MoJack workbench attachment is a great addition to the purchase of a MoJack for those who would like more convenience when working on maintenance. It offers a variety of uses, making the workbench attachment a prize possession.

MoJack Pro’s strong steel construction enables it to lift 750 lbs. of front end weight. The fear of taking up too much space with the MoJack may keep some consumers from purchasing it. That is not a problem with this device. The fold up design allows for easy storage so the space in the room is open when the MoJack is not in use.

MoJack EZ is specially made for home mowers. It lifts up to 300 lbs. from the front end. That is more than enough to get the job done. It is a smaller model than the MoJack Pro, but still has a lot of power behind it. It easily lifts by hand or with the use of a power drill. Since the MoJack EZ is the smallest of the available units, it is also the most lightweight, which makes it easier to store and move if necessary.

MoJack XT is midway between the Pro and EZ. It lifts up to 500 lbs. from the front end. All units require some assembly after purchase. All the necessary hardware is included in the package. Assembly is easy and the MoJack is ready for its first use.

There are several dangers that owners of the MoJack products should be aware of. Before lifting the mower off the ground, turn off the engine and remove the key. Never attempt to lift the full weight of the mower and never attempt to lift more weight than the particular MoJack indicates. When using the MoJack ensure that it sits on a flat and even surface. If it is on an uneven surface, it may lose its stability and upend itself.

If there are signs that any part of the MoJack equipment is leaning, discontinue lifting and remove the weight. This indicates a serious overload problem. The MoJack is only safe when used as the manufacturer’s instructions state.


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