Kohler Command Pro EFI 999cc

Kohler Command Pro EFI 999cc

Kohler’s 999cc Command Pro EFI may look like the rest of their commercial line, but this updated motor adds a new feature that greatly improves usability: an electronically controlled throttle body. While other manufacturers have EFI systems that can prevent throttle droop, this system lets the ECU precisely control both air and fuel, keeping the engine from bogging down when under heavy load.

ETB Technology

The 999-Series is the first engine line to get ETB, which stands for “Electronic Throttle Body,” commonly referred to as “throttle by wire.” Instead of using a physical linkage to rotate the butterfly valve inside the throttle body, the 999 uses a servo motor controlled by the operator and the ECU.

By using an ETB, the ECU can precisely control the air coming into the engine along with the fuel via the injectors. Operating the 999 is no different from any other engine, except the throttle lever uses an electrical connection instead of a cable. By letting the ECU step in occasionally to alter the throttle position, this engine has much smoother power delivery, especially during major load changes. Drive into tall grass with your mower, and the added deck load won’t bog down the motor. It also increases the amount of power the engine is able to deliver: 35 hp is about average in this engine category, but that’s backed by 56 lb-ft. of torque, about 10-15% higher than its competitors.

Low Running Costs and Less Hassle with EFI

On average, a fuel injected engine uses 25% less fuel than carbureted engines, which can save hundreds of dollars per year in operating costs, even with today’s low fuel prices. Since fuel delivery is adjusted automatically according to the amount of air entering the engine, there’s also no need to modify the fuel system to get it to run at high altitudes. There’s also no choking or priming required to get the engine to start, taking one less hassle out of your day whether you’re an operator or you rent 999-powered equipment. Repairs are simpler, too, thanks to real-time troubleshooting using EFI diagnostic software. This lets technicians see exactly what’s going on inside the engine without pulling it apart to examine components.

Built for Commercial Demands

While the electronics are the star of the show, a lot of attention was paid to the engine’s construction to ensure durability. The crankshaft is supported by sleeve bearings, just like you’ll find inside the engine of your car. Hydraulic lifters eliminate the need for valve adjustment, while an integrated oil cooler helps keep engine temperatures steady. This engine comes with a top mounted oil filter next to control panel for easy access, or it can be fitted with a remote filter. OEMs can also choose to have a grass screen installed to protect the cooling system from clippings when used to power a mower. This engine also comes with a regulated 15 amp charging system to operate electric PTOs and work lights.


Kohler guarantees this engine for three years of commercial use with no hour limit.

Getting Parts and Service for the Latest Kohler Engines

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for Kohler Power as well as several mower brands that use their engines, including eXmark. If you’re looking for a Kohler-powered mower or you need your equipment serviced, visit our shop located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-81 via Exit 10 to Marion.

We can also ship parts and accessories for Kohler engines across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit our website, www.shankslawn.com.

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