Kohler Aegis Engine Maintenance Guide

Kohler AegisThe best way to protect an engine and extend its useful life is to engage in regular maintenance, whether that means the regular checking and changing of fluids or the use of OEM replacement parts to fix common issues of wear and tear. For those who are new to the Kohler family of engines, or those who are simply maintaining their Aegis engine for the first time, there are several key components of regular service and preventative maintenance that need to be addressed. From oil and coolant to regular checking of parts for excessive wear, here’s what to know when maintaining one of these compact powerhouses.

Safety Always Comes First During Engine Maintenance

Engines are bought and used based on the large amount of power they provide during everyday landscaping, construction, and other commercial tasks. This power can also be harnessed in ways that inure the engine’s owner if they’re not careful during maintenance. In order to greatly reduce the risk of injury, engine owners should only perform maintenance once the Kohler engine has completely cooled down after a period of recent use. Engine work should be done in an open area, or at least an indoor area with great ventilation.

During some maintenance tasks, especially those that involve replacing engine parts with newer versions, fluids may need to be drained from the engine beforehand. Doing so will eliminate the risk of sparks, smoke, and burns, protecting operators in the process. During all forums of maintenance, operators should be sure to wear protective gloves and eyewear.

Guidelines for Excellent Engine Maintenance and Durability

Kohler’s maintenance tips for its Aegis series of engines cover everything from oil and coolant to part checks and more. For those new to the engine, here’s what to know when getting started with proactive maintenance work.

1. Coolant Concerns

Though engine coolant might seem like a pretty straightforward part of regular engine use and maintenance, many people wrongly assume that they can use their own judgment when creating coolant mixtures or operating the equipment in a wide variety of outdoor weather conditions. This just isn’t true. For optimal performance that steers clear of engine-related complications, overheating, or freezing, always mix engine coolant with equal parts water and ethylene glycol. This will give the engine its widest range of operating temperatures, from nearly 34 degrees below zero to more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the engine is operated outside of these extreme temperatures, modifications to the mixture may have to be made. Even so, this is an exceedingly rare circumstance that likely won’t affect the vast majority of Kohler Aegis engine owners. No matter the work environment, coolant levels should be checked regularly. A brief check before each use of the engine is certainly warranted for optimal longevity.

2. Fuel Information

The Kohler Aegis engine is one of many Kohler engines that runs best when operators use unleaded gasoline. The company recommends that all fuel be “fresh.” This means that the fuel should not sit around in a gas can or other storage container for weeks or months on end prior to use. Stale fuel is known to cause problems in terms of engine power and consistency.

For the best results in terms of efficiency, the unleaded fuel should have an octane rating no greater than 87. In those countries where the Research-based method of octane regulation is used, the level of octane in the fuel should not exceed 90.

3. Oil

The type of oil used by the engine will generally vary based on the temperature where the equipment itself is being used. In particularly cold environments, with temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, operators should make sure that the engine is operating on 5W30 oil. This mixture performs very well in colder conditions and will protect the engine’s moving parts from the wear and tear associated with the bitter cold.

While 5W30 works well for outdoor conditions during the winter, it’s not the best mixture for summertime temperatures. In warmer weather when temperatures exceed the freezing mark, operators should drain the 5W30 oil used previously and opt for a 10W30 or SAE-30 oil instead. This oil is designed specifically for warmer climates and will perform best.

Maintenance Tips for the Kohler Aegis Series

Operators looking to make their lives just a bit easier while using the Kohler Aegis engine should keep a few things in mind:

– Don’t buy gasoline in bulk, since stale gasoline will only make it harder for the engine to perform at its highest level.

– Don’t mix oil and gasoline. The Kohler Aegis engine is not a two-stroke model and therefore does not require this mixture in order to function properly. This mixture will only create smoke.

– For consistent maintenance throughout the year, always refer to the Kohler maintenance schedule to learn more about when to change and check fluids, when to inspect parts, and how to proceed prior to placing an engine in storage.

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