Keep Fence Rows Cleared With the New Fence Mower

Fence Row MowerIt’s an age-old problem known to every farmer containing livestock in a fenced area. Grass, weeds, brush, and small saplings can quickly overtake a fence leaving an unkept appearance and depreciating its value. Keeping fence lines clean from undergrowth can be an intimidating and tedious chore. It requires many laborious hours of weed trimming or using expensive and sometimes hazardous chemicals. Often, time and resources prevent either from being accomplished. Unattended fence rows soon become even more intimidating and less manageable. The Fence Mower made by Wright Manufacturing, is a well-designed attachment that saves time and gives your farm a well-kept appearance.Continue Reading

Heavy-Duty Construction

The Fence Mower’s tough frame is built out of steel tubing with ¼ inch thick wall. The three-point hitch mounting frame and the cutting deck are made of steel. A series 4 PTO drive shaft connects the 40 HP gearbox to the tractor’s PTO system while a high torque belt connects the gearbox to a medium lift cutting blade. The Fence Mower is finished with a durable powder coated paint that will remain attractive for many years.


Fence Mower Side x Side PhotoSwing-Away Design

The designers of the Fence Mower implemented a unique swing-away design to allow the cutting deck to mow under the fence and trim tightly around fence posts.  All this happens while the tractor operator simply drives parallel with the fence line – no weaving in and out around fence posts.

The adjustable spring-loaded cutting deck is positioned on a roller track that allows it to swing-away from a fence post and then reposition itself again back under the fence line again. The cutter deck’s wedged nose features a rounded bumper bar to lessen the impact on wooden fence posts.

Cutting Deck Features

The mower deck cuts a generous 22 inch swath beneath the fence line (11 inches on each side of the fence) and trims within a ½ inch around the fence post. The wedge nose design allows it to lift low fence wires and mow neatly under them. There are only 7 inches from the ground to the top of the swing arm allowing it to navigate under low fences.

The manufacturer recommends setting the cutting height at 2 inches above the ground. Cutting height is easily adjusted by spacers in the two solid rubber trailing wheels along with the tractor’s lift arms. The Fence Mower cuts your fence row as if you had went under it with a lawn mower. A cleared fence line will have easier access for repairs and will give it a longer life-expectancy.


A Brush Removal Blade as well as a Dirt Blade Attachment are available for the Fence Mower. The flat Brush Removal Blade is the choice for clearing fence lines which have not been maintained in several years and are grown up with brush and small saplings. The cutter deck may want to swing past thick vegetation as if it were a post. In order to avoid this, simply put the tractor in reverse and back slowly into the foliage.

The Dirt Blade Attachment is great for knocking down the dirt ridge often found under fence lines as the result of livestock trails and accumulation from the wind.

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Wright Manufacturing has designed an implement to save countless hours of laborious work and gives more time to attend to the animals inside the fence and other projects. The Fence Mower comes in two model sizes to fit your specific tractor.

Go to Fence Mower Info to learn how you can save time and money while giving your farm that clean, well-maintained look. At you can view our other new equipment lines along with an online search tool for easy lookup of replacement parts on your favorite lawn and garden brands.


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