Kawasaki FT-Series Maintenance

Kawasaki FT-SeriesThe FT730V-EFI is the latest commercial engine from Kawasaki. It combines their high efficiency open loop fuel injection system with the new Vortical Air Filtration system. Together, these reduce wear and tear on the engine’s internals, ensuring a long service life. Here’s what you need to do to keep these engines running reliably.

Maintenance Schedule

Daily: Check the engine oil and battery. Look for fuel and oil leaks, and make sure all fasteners are tight.
Every 50 hours of operation: Check the inspection ports and clean the foam air filter element.
Every 100 hours: Clean the paper air filter element. Change the oil. Clean and regap the spark plugs.
Every 200 hours: Change the oil filter.
Every 250 hours: Replace the paper air filter element.
Every 300 hours: Have the engine professionally serviced. This includes valve lapping, adjusting valve clearance and cleaning the combustion chamber.


Check the oil level with the dipstick inserted into the fill tube but not screwed in. The oil level should be between the “ADD” and “FULL” marks.
Kawasaki recommends SAE SJ or SL oil. 10W-40 is recommended for most operating conditions. When operating at temperatures above 100°F, use 20W-50 oil to reduce oil consumption.
To change the oil, remove the plug, located on the base of the engine. Once the crankcase has drained, torque the drain plug to 65 in-lbs. The oil filter can be unscrewed by hand. When installing a new filter, apply a thin layer of clean oil to the seal. Screw on the filter until it seats, then hand tighten the filter an addition ¾ turn.
This engine holds 1.8 quarts if the old oil filter is left on the engine, and two quarts with a new filter.

Air Filter

The Vortical Air Filtration system draws air through the airbox and uses centrifugal force to separate dust and water from the air stream before it reached the filter elements. Over time, this debris will collect inside the dust ejector valve. To clean this valve, push in on the cap, located above one of the cylinder heads, and twist it counter-clockwise, like you would with a medicine bottle. Screw the cap back on after the debris pours out of the opening.
To access the filter, turn the two knobs on the cover counter-clockwise a half turn. Lift up on the cover and tilt it back to release it from the clips.
Clean the foam filter element with water and a mild detergent. Let it air dry before reinstalling. Do not oil this filter.
Clean the paper element by striking it against a hard surface to loosen surface dirt.

Spark Plugs

The plugs are located next to the valve covers, below the “V-Valve” labels. Clean the spark plugs with a non-metallic brush. Replace a spark plug if it has signs of damage, like a cracked insulator. The electrode gap should be 0.030 in. (0.75 mm.) When installing the plugs, thread them in by hand, then torque them to 16.6 ft-lbs.

Cooling System

Clean the air intake screen on top of the engine before each use.
To access the inspection ports, remove the air filter cover. These ports are at the corners of the airbox next to the filter screen.
To clean the cylinders and heads, you first need to remove the cooling system cover.
1. Pull out the quick rivets on the sides of the guard. Remove the guard.
2. Unscrew the air intake screen bolts that were beneath the guard. Unhook the clamp on the intake at the front of the engine.
3. Unscrew the regulator ground bolts on the side of the cover, then disconnect the regulators.
4. Unscrew the four fan housing bolts on the lower edges of the air intake.
5. Disconnect the intake tube between the air box and the throttle body.
6. Remove the fan housing.

Cover the throttle body intake to keep debris from entering the engine. Clean the cylinders and heads with a rag and a stiff bristled brush. Water can enter the engine, contaminating the oil. Once the engine is clean, reassemble the cooling system in reverse order. Torque the housing bolts to 86 in-lbs. and the regulator bolts to 39 in-lbs.

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