Jrco Broadcast Spreader Attachments

Jrco SpreaderOne of the most important ways to keep a lawn looking great from early spring to late fall is to regularly fertilize or add crucial nutrients to the soil. Typically, this requires a separate spreader that can handle different compounds, but Jrco has developed its own broadcast spreader series that attaches to existing mowers and provides a great deal of savings for homeowners and commercial landscapers. Because these spreaders make it far easier to add key nutrients to the lawn and give it added resilience even during trying summer weather, they’re a must-have for homeowners or professionals who don’t want a hot day or a dry spell to put the turf at risk of major damage.
A Look at the Best Features of Jrco’s Broadcast Spreader Attachments

As with virtually all Jrco attachments, the key feature to remember is that the company has developed its own, near-universal attachment system for its spreaders that makes them compatible with a wide array of popular residential and commercial brands, models, and designs. Their ability to be mounted with a few simple brackets and pins makes them a really convenient addition to any landscaping equipment regimen, and ensures that they’ll be securely fit to the mower in just a few moments. Aside from this attachment system, the broadcast spreader from Jrco comes with some unique features all of its own.

Perhaps the most notable of these is electronic spreader control that actually allows the spreader to apply a consistent level of fertilizer or other materials to the lawn no matter how fast the mower is moving. This adjustment capability allows for highly efficient work that won’t miss large patches of turf, or over-fertilize one area and potentially burn the turf more than improve its overall nutrient profile. The electronic speed control is just as easily mounted and maintained as the spreader attachment itself.

For maximum durability and minimal maintenance, the broadcast spreader attachments all use a stainless steel material for compound storage and the blades that distribute the material to the lawn. Maintaining the integrity of fertilizer or nutrient-rich materials is equally important, and that’s why the Jrco model comes with a clear, moisture-locking cover that keeps moisture inside and allows materials to be consistent in nutrient profile and moisture levels as they are disbursed even over a larger outdoor area. The equipment even comes with an agitator, designed to break up clumps and create a uniform material consistency, which is also made of stainless steel and designed to resist corrosion and other signs of significant wear and tear over time.

Numerous Sizes and Attachments Available to Match Almost Every Mower

The attachable, polyethylene hopper manufactured by Jrco comes in several sizes and styles for easy attachment to a large number of popular commercial and residential lawn mower models currently sold by leading manufacturers. The first of these is the company’s zero-turn spreader, which measures 29 inches in width. This is a perfect addition to residential zero-turn mowers, and has a large enough size to hold enough fertilizer for even the largest residential lawns. The equipment attaches easily to the front of zero-turn mowers, with several clevis pins and adjustable brackets that keep it securely in place from start to finish. Though this might be the most popular model of Jrco’s broadcast spreaders, several others exist for different mower designs.

The company accommodates commercial landscapers with two higher-end broadcast spreaders. The first of these is designed for attachment to walk-behind or stand-up lawn mowers. These more conventional commercial mowers require a unique type of bracket design, a unique mounting height, and other special design considerations. Despite a slightly modified mounting design, the broadcast spreader for stand-up mowers is still the same 29 inches in width, with a 50-pound shipping weight and a fertilizer capacity of up to 120 pounds.

Larger utility vehicles and lawn tractors can also get in on the action with a Jrco broadcast spreader, completing the lineup for commercial landscapers. Like the other two spreaders, this model maintains the same size, weight, and capacity, but features larger clips and brackets that are needed to attach the equipment to much larger lawn tractors and utility vehicles that are used to treat very large, open areas like golf courses, athletic fields, parks, and similar areas.

Visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment for Jrco Spreaders and Parts

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has a full inventory of Jrco broadcast spreaders at its store location, where customers should go in order to find the model that works best for their unique needs. When the time comes to perform routine maintenance or fix a common issue with the spreader, the ShanksLawn.com website takes over and offers the convenience of an online parts lookup tool and several intuitive ways to find a perfectly compatible, OEM replacement for virtually any customer need.

If you’re near Franklin County, PA, visit our Shanks Lawn Equipment store, we can show you around the Jrco Spreader attachment, and determine if it’s the right fit for you.

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