Jrco Aerator Attachment Overview

Jrco AeratorThe best way to resolve hard, compacted soil that remains closed off to nutrients is to opt for aeration throughout the lawn. Aerators use small tines to puncture holes in the soil, loosening it without significantly damaging the turf. As a result, added oxygen, water, and nutrients can reach the roots of each blade of grass. Grass grows stronger, the roots grow more resilient, and the lawn tends to enjoy a much richer, deeper shade of green overall. These aerators can be purchased separately as standalone units, but Jrco’s aerator attachment allows them to be added to virtually any popular riding mower model currently on the market. This makes the Jrco attachment as affordable as it is powerful and useful each spring.

Key Features of the Jrco Aerator Attachment Lineup

Perhaps the biggest selling point of a Jrco aerator attachment is its near-universal compatibility with every manufacturer of today’s riding mowers. The equipment has been designed with two clevis pins and several brackets that can be adjusted to fit smaller, residential mowers used in the home, as well as larger home mowers, zero-turn models, and even commercial mowers used most often around golf courses, sports stadiums, and more. This pin combines with other standard features to provide maximum convenience during aeration.

Each Jrco aerator attachment goes either on the front or rear of the mower, and features electronic control that can lift the tines while the mower is transporting them to an area that requires aeration. This electronic control also governs the depth of the tines when they’re engaged, providing either light, surface aeration, or deeper work required in times of overwhelming compaction. The 3-inch tines used with the Jrco models are “hooking” tines, which allow the equipment to lift the soil up and push it back so that it doesn’t end up covering any newly punctured holes around the lawn.

The Jrco model has a zero-turn design of its own, even in conjunction with its smallest model, which makes it a perfect fit for zero-turn residential riding mowers that have grown increasingly popular with homeowners. Front-mount and rear-mount options are available, with virtually identical features, in sizes that increase up to 60 inches in total width.

Specs: Find the Right Size and Profile for Any Mower

When it comes time to pick one of Jrco’s popular aerator attachments, consumers have three different options to choose from. These options differ largely by size and mounting position, and they make sense for different kinds of residential and commercial mower models currently offered by leading manufacturers. At the entry-level end of the spectrum, Jrco offers a 38-inch aerator that mounts to the front of the mower. Because of its front-mounting design and its relatively narrow width, this is the perfect aerator attachment for most smaller residential mowers. Generally, this option pairs well with mowers featuring a 42-inch deck or smaller, with ample mounting space on the front of the equipment.

For mowers of the same size that simply cannot support a front-mounted aerator attachment from Jrco, an excellent alternative is available. The rear-mounted aerator designed by the company features the same, 38-inch width that makes it a natural fit for mowers with up to a 42-inch mower deck. The tow-behind model features the same tines and electronic adjustment features, but simply uses Jrco’s unique clevis pin mounting system to attach to the back edge of the equipment at the time of purchase. While this model is perfect for residential use and smaller mowers, it’s perhaps not the best option for larger mowing equipment used in commercial settings. A separate aerator attachment is used for those mowers.

Jrco has developed a third model, the 60-inch aerator with tow-behind mounting, to accommodate the needs of those who own very large mowers and typically work in commercial landscaping settings. This aerator, like its other two counterparts, features 3-inch tines with a hook design and offers electronic control of tine depth. It uses multiple clevis pins and the unique Jrco bracket system to mount effortlessly to the rear of the mower. The large, 60-inch width of this aerator makes it a natural fit for commercial models that range in deck size up to about 70 or 72 inches, depending on the overall size and mounting capability of the equipment.

Find New Jrco Attachments and Replacement Parts at Shank’s Lawn Equipment

If the time has come to pick up one of Jrco’s useful and powerful aerator attachments, customers in south-central Pennsylvania should head to Shank’s Lawn Equipment . Thanks to a growing inventory of Jrco items and extensive sales experience that can help customers pick the right model and size, finding the best attachment has never been easier. For replacement parts after becoming an aerator attachment owner, the ShanksLawn.com website provides an easy lookup tool that makes regular maintenance easy to do.

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