Jonsered Zero Turn Mowers

Jonsered Zero Turn MowersJonsered is famous for the durability and forward-thinking designs of their chainsaws, but that’s not all they make. They apply the same thinking to their zero turning radius mowers. Bridge the gap between residential and commercial models, they offer high-quality components and a choice of decks to fit any landscape. If you’re looking for a new ZTR that you can rely on for your lawn at home or want something that can do light commercial work, these mowers may be exactly what you need.


All of Jonsered’s ZTRs are powered by engines from Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf line. These use ejector valves, a chopper fan and cyclone intake that separates out debris before it reaches the air filter and cooling fins. The result is an engine that stays clean on the inside and cool on the outside. While these engines use carburetors, an electronic control system helps with fuel management and eliminates the need for a manual choke. Output for the engines used in these mowers ranges from 22-24 HP depending on the deck size.


To keep the mower compact, all of Jonsered’s mowers use a mid-deck design built around a steel tube frame. Decks are available in 42, 46, 48 and 54-inch widths and have a cutting height ranging from 1.5-4 inches.

The Z42F, Z48f, and Z54FX come with constructed decks. By building these decks out of thick sheets of steel, they can withstand repeated impacts with obstacles. To add to this toughness, Jonsered fits these decks with cast iron spindle housings that suspend the blade axles on sealed ball bearings. This helps the blades and deck-top handle jolts while reducing maintenance. This design is a good choice if you mow in areas filled with trees, bushes and other obstacles.

The Z46R and Z54R have stamped decks, giving them better vacuum for a superior cutting finish. Steel reinforcements make these decks more durable than competing stamped designs. Jonsered fits these decks with vented aluminum spindles. This helps them dissipate heat faster, making this deck a great choice if you have large, open spaces to mow.

From the factory, both deck designs are side discharge. Kits are available to use the decks for mulching or bagging.


The rear wheels are motivated by a pair of Hydro-Gear ZT-2200 EZT hydrostatic transmissions. These units combine the hydraulic pump and motor into a single case, saving weight, eliminating hoses and reducing the number of seals. This makes them less likely to leak, improving reliability. These transmissions can propel the mower to a 6.5 mph top speed. All Jonsered ZTRs use lap bar controls.

With all mowers capable of the same speed, mowing speed is dependent on deck size. Users can expect to cover about 2.4 acres per hour with the Z46R and around 3.5 acres per hour with the Z54XF.


The lap bars on these mowers are fixed, but the seat is adjustable, making it easy for operators of any size to get in a comfortable position. All of the mower’s controls are clustered together on a control panel next to the driver, and a digital hour meter comes standard to keep track of maintenance. A kit is available to add armrests to the seat.


Jonsered guarantees their mowers for three years of residential use and one year of commercial use. Briggs & Stratton guarantees their Commercial Turf engines for 24 months of residential use or 12 months of commercial use.

When it Comes to Mowers, No One Beats Shank’s

Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial operator, Shank’s Lawn Equipment has the mowers you need to keep your lawn looking great. We’re now a certified Jonsered dealer, and we’re also an authorized dealer for Briggs & Stratton and Hydro-Gear. That means we don’t just sell these mowers: we can provide the parts and support you need to keep them running. If you’re looking for a new ZTR, tractor or walk-behind mower, visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA.

We also ship OEM parts for every brand we carry. If you need something for your Jonsered equipment, visit our website, We can ship your order to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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