Is an ECHO Bear Cat Trash Pump Right for You?

Is an ECHO Bear Cat Trash Pump Right for You?

From draining flood water to cleaning up construction drainage, Echo Bear Cat’s trash pumps are a portable and inexpensive option for commercial users. Are they suitable for your needs?

What You Can and Can’t Do with a Trash Pump

Echo Bear Cat’s trash pumps use centrifugal pumps. This design provides maximum pumping performance while still being able to handle water with up to 25% solids. Twigs, small sticks, rocks and concrete chips are no problem, and mud can be pumped as long as it’s thin enough to flow through the hose. With the right filter screen, there’s no need to worry about objects getting into the pump and damaging the housing or impeller. If the pump can’t handle the load, it will just bog down. Even if you need to have a diaphragm pump on hand for liquids with a high solids content, a trash pump can remove the top layer of water faster, reducing total job time.

Water boils when the excitability of hot water molecules overcomes atmospheric pressure. Since the pressure inside the pump is significantly lower than outside air pressure, water can boil at temperatures as low as 115ºF. This can cause cavitation that will damage the impeller. A special high-temperature pump should be used to move hot water.

All models have a total head of 85 feet with 26 feet of suction lift. The 26-foot maximum lift is due to air pressure and is the same for all pumps operating at sea level. As air pressure decreases, so will the maximum lift: on average, maximum pumping head decreases by one foot for every 500 feet above sea level.

Most water is safe to pump, but chemical-filled wastewater and acidic mine runoff can damage the pump and seals.

How Does the Maximum Solids Size Affect Performance?

A standard water pump can handle clear water with the occasional bit of debris. This is fine for draining hot tubs, swimming pools, and minor flooding.

A “semi-trash” pump can handle solids up to 5/8 of an inch. That’s the same size as a marble. This type of pump is perfect for pumping muddy and sandy water, making it the most common type used on construction sites and for irrigation.

A standard trash pump handles debris up to one inch in diameter, which is about the size of a U.S. quarter. These pumps handle leaves, pebbles, and twigs, making them ideal for dirty water.

5/8 inch pumps usually use a solid pump case, but Echo builds all of their trash pumps with a split case that’s easy to open for cleaning.

Are these Pumps a Good Choice for Commercial or Rental Use?

Everything on these pumps is built for maximum durability, making them a great choice for heavy commercial use.

All models are powered by Honda’s GX-series engines. Whether you specialize in construction or landscaping, it’s likely that you already have at least one piece of equipment powered by these engines. They’ve become a staple of the outdoor equipment industry because they’re extremely reliable, meet emissions regulations across the country, are less noisy than competing motors and have high fuel efficiency.

The pump itself uses an aluminum housing with a cast iron impeller designed to withstand shocks from debris. Silicon carbide and carbon ceramic seals keep water and debris in when subject to thermal shocks and abrasion, yet they’re also inexpensive and easy to replace.

The engine and pump are housed in a steel frame to protect them from damage and make it easy to carry and position the unit.

Pump Models

5/8 Inch Solids
The TP2158 and TP2156 are both powered by a GX200 engine, have two-inch inlets and outlets and weigh 90 lbs. The TP2156 has a flow rate of 156 GPM, while the TP2158’s flow rate is 158 GPM.

1 Inch Solids
The TP3264 uses a GX200 to pump water through a three-inch inlet and outlet. It flows up to 264 GPM. The TP3266 uses the same pump and engine, flowing 266 GPM.

For maximum power, the TP4361 comes equipped with a GX390 engine. It has a four-inch inlet and outlet and can pump up to 361 GPM.

If You Need Pumps or Parts, Go to Shank’s

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for Echo and Honda Engines, and we have over 30 years of experience helping commercial customers with their outdoor equipment. Our shop is at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from Interstate 80, take Exit 10/Marion and drive East one mile.

Need a strainer or a new set of seals? We ship parts and accessories across the U.S. or Canada. To order, visit


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