Installing a Tiller Attachment on Your BCS Tractor

Installing a Tiller Attachment on Your BCS TractorBCS’s walk-behind tractors can be set up to do a wide range of tasks, but they’re known first and foremost as powerful tilling machines. If you just got a tiller attachment, there are some things you’ll need to do to set it up and attach it to your tractor.

Checking Gear Box Oil Level

The oil level should be checked before use in case there was some leakage during transport.

1. Support the drive shaft so that it’s parallel to the ground.
2. Remove the two 8 mm bolts connected to the top center of the tine assembly. One bolt connects the depth control assembly to the tines, and the other goes through the tine assembly cover.
3. Pivot the cover forward. This will give you access to the gearbox.
4. Remove the plug on the top of the gearbox.
5. Get a stick or other small object and make a mark on it 4 inches from the tip. Drop the stick into the hole until the mark lines up with the top of the case.
6. Measure the distance between the mark and the oil level. If the case is properly filled, the distance should be about two inches. If the oil level is low, add SAE 80-90 EP (Extreme Pressure) gear oil. Do not overfill: the air space keeps internal pressure down during operation. If there’s too much oil, it will increase internal pressure, pushing the oil past the seals.

Checking Bolts and Fitting the Cover

Now is a good time to check the tightness of the bolts on this attachment, paying particular attention to the tines. There are also 22 mm bolts deep inside the center of the tine shafts that are easy to miss. You’ll need a ratchet with an extension to reach these bolts.

Next, flip the hood forward and reinstall the two 8 mm bolts. Leave the bolt connecting the depth control lever slightly loose so the bar can pivot. Pull up on the depth control rod and push the spring pin on top of the cover into the third hole from the top of the rod.

Attaching the Rear Flap

1. Cut ¼ inch of material off of the small ends of the rubber bushings. This will make them easier to fit.
2. Remove the washers and cotter pins from the prongs on the cover. Apply a spray lubricant to the prongs and the bushings.
3. Slide the bushings into the holes on the rear cover with the wide, rolled end facing to the left.
4. Slide the rear cover onto the prongs from right to left. Install the washers and cotter pins.

Quick Coupler

While optional, most tiller attachments will come with a quick coupler. To mount this coupler, you’ll need a 10 mm hex wrench and 9 mm open-end wrench.

1. Remove the male tang from the QH bushing by flipping the lever on top of the bushing.
2. Remove the nuts and washers from the bolts mounted on the tang.
3. Slide the bolts through the holes on the driveshaft cover, mating the tang with the driveshaft. The hole in the tang should be pointed up.
4. Install the nuts and washers, getting them hand tight.
5. Attach the QH bushing. The heads of the bolts will fit into the holes on the bushing, lining everything up. Tighten down the bolts.
6. Remove the QH bushing and reinstall it to make sure the bolts are properly aligned.
7. Remove the QH bushing again and apply spray lithium grease or an anti-seize lubricant to the outside of the tang.

Get the Most from your BCS America Tractor

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