Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 Hydrostatic Drive

Hydro Gear ZT-3400Hydro-Gear’s commitment to efficient transaxles and hydrostatic drive systems has seen a significant amount of time committed to research, design, and engineering. This process has benefited both residential and commercial customers, with some of the most lightweight and efficient drive systems currently on the market. This is even more impressive when their weight and efficiency is contrasted with their efficiency: Hydro-Gear drive systems are often more powerful and versatile than their counterparts manufactured by industry competitors.

For those in the commercial world, there are few systems more ideal than the ZT-3400 hydrostatic drive system. Designed to be as powerful as it is efficient, the system is an excellent addition to mid-sized power equipment ranging from lawn mowers to industrial installation. It’s efficient work is designed to save commercial customers a significant sum of money over the long-term, both in terms of raw power consumption and the expected reduction in regular maintenance and repair costs. Here’s a look at how the company managed to accomplish such a feat.

Benefits and Features of the Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 Drive System

The ZT-3400 hydrostatic drive system is designed to be use in larger, more powerful commercial operations. It functions well in commercial power equipment purchases, but is even more at home in industrial equipment and machinery. Designed to run more efficiently and quietly than competing options, it allows equipment owners to suffer from a lower overall level of noise pollution and a significantly lower level of vibration-induced fatigue. As if that wasn’t enough, the system also includes several features that help it output maximum power in every application.

Like most of Hydro-Gear’s transaxle systems, the ZT-3400 comes with the company‚Äôs variable displacement systems. This particular model uses a seven-piston pump to get the job done, which is capable of producing up to 12cc of displacement at any given point. This system works in conjunction with a fixed displacement system, also with seven pistons, that can displace up to 16cc at a time and offers superior power and durability when compared to other options currently on the market.

Like other hydrostatic drive systems currently available to the commercial and residential customers, the ZT-3400 routes all of its power through a mechanical gear reduction. The gear reduction shaft measures a compact 1.125 inches, reducing the overall size of the equipment without sacrificing power in the process. This mechanical gear reduction system is paired with bi-directional steering and control options, touted by the company as infinitely variable in most conditions.

The total package is one that allows for a great deal more flexibility n forward and reverse speeds, whether in power equipment or other machinery. The engine does this with a lower level of overall vibrations and a small footprint, requiring less maintenance and prompting far less fatigue no matter the setting.

Specifications that Make the ZT-3400 a Great Choice

Despite its great deal of power and performance, the ZT-3400 hydrostatic drive system is actually relatively light. The transaxle weighs in at just 34.5 pounds, making it a no-brainer for most commercial customers. Despite this lighter overall weight, the transaxle is capable of producing up to 500 pound-feet of torque during regular operation and can easily accelerate to a maximum speed of up to 10 miles per hour. That’s faster than a similar residential drive system serving the mid-sized market, and should further enhance the viability of the ZT-3400 for commercial customers.

The system comes in two models, and buyers can choose from either the ZT-3400 HS or the ZT-3400 U. The zT-3400 HS has an overall transaxle reduction ratio of 21.02:1, while the similar ZT-3400 U system comes with a reduction ratio of 23.241:1. Both transaxle models can work in conjunction with equipment weight as much as 1,600 pounds in commercial settings, further demonstrating how much of a powerhouse the ZT-3400 is in everyday use.

The ZT-3400 system offers an axel shaft diameter of 1.125 inches, which is perfectly in line with industry standards and expectations. Buyers who choose either the ZT-3400 HS or ZT-3400 U can choose from three different axle end choices: Tapered, 4-bolt flange, or 5-bolt flange. This makes the system effortlessly compatible with most commercial power equipment already in use, and with a broad array of machine installations already being used by commercial businesses and warehouses.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Has the Transaxles and Parts that Buyers Need

Despite its reputation for long-term durability and efficiency, the ZT-3400 hydrostatic drive system will require regular maintenance in order to extend its useful life and maintain is original commitment to efficient operation. That’s where ShanksLawn.com comes in. The website offers a full range of OEM parts from Hydro-Gear, which ensures that commercial buyers will enjoy the same level of quality and compatibility offered by the equipment itself. The site also offers maintenance guidelines and service options for those who already have a fully functioning ZT-3400 system in their possession. If you live near Greencastle, PA or McConnellsburg PA and you would like to find out more about the Hydro Gear ZT 3400 Hydrostatic Drive, visit with an expert at Shanks Lawn Equipment.

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