Hydro-Gear Parts Are Easier to Find

Shank’s Lawn Equipment located in Chambersburg, PA, has 27 years of experience meeting the needs of outdoor power equipment users in the mid-Atlantic area. Outdoor equipment users nationwide are also finding that the powerful parts search feature on their website, www.shankslawn.com, coupled with fast shipping and great service are good reasons to make Shank’s Lawn Equipment your one stop shop for replacement and service parts. 

Shank’s is proud to announce the addition of a powerful new parts lookup tool for Hydro-Gear outdoor equipment products to their website to make the online shopping experience even better for their customers.

Hydro-Gear, a joint venture between renowned mid-west manufacturers of axles and transmissions, Agri-Fab and Sauer-Danfoss, is a world leader in hydrostatic transmission design and manufacture. Even the best designed and made equipment needs to be maintained and repaired though, and this is where Shank’s Lawn Equipment’s new online lookup for Hydro-Gear products can make life much easier.

All too often with online parts searches, the correct part is difficult to identify. This is most likely due to not knowing the exact part number, but it could also be unfamiliarity with the correct nomenclature or even knowing which model a particular piece of equipment is from. Even when the correct part is found, there is sometimes doubt as to whether it’s the right one; without a parts diagram, photo or detailed description of the part, users can be left wondering – from vague descriptions – if that “spacer” or “bearing” is really the one they are after.

This is where the new Hydro-Gear online parts lookup feature on the Shank’s Lawn Equipment website really comes into its own. With easy to navigate drop-down menus it is simplicity itself to drill down and select the correct model of pump, motor, trans-axle or any Hydro-Gear product type. Once the right model has been chosen, a service schematic or parts breakdown can be selected. By zooming in on these parts diagrams, the correct parts can be identified and easily cross-referenced by their numerical tag in the table below the diagram which also lists part numbers, detailed descriptions, prices and the option to add a chosen quantity of each part to the user’s shopping cart. No more writing down part numbers from diagrams and navigating to a different section to type them in only to find they aren’t available; with the Shank’s Lawn Hydro-Gear parts lookup the information is all right there where it’s needed.

Some users will already know the part numbers of the parts they require, so there is also a quick search based on part or model number, but others may not know the part number, so the lookup can also accept even the vaguest descriptions and pull up a list of possible matching parts and their associated model numbers.

Anyone looking for parts for Hydro-Gear products should check out www.shankslawn.com and let the new parts lookup help them find what they need.

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