Hurricane Blo-Vac Model 425

Hurrican Blo Vac 425Founded more than 25 years ago, Hurricane has been manufacturing some of the most efficient and effective blowers and vacuums for a generation. The company is committed to manufacturing products that can bridge the divide between residential convenience and commercial power, and the Hurricane Blo-Vac 425 easily stands up to that test. Small enough to be stored in a toolshed or garage, the 425 model can function has a stand-on blower or as a vacuum, easily grouping debris into a central for processing, mulching and removal. One of several Hurricane models available, the 425 model is considered a midrange option for homeowners and light commercial customers.

Blo-Vac 425 Features Make it Easier to Clean Outdoor Areas

One of the most important features of Hurricane’s Blo-Vac 425 is its compact size. All too often, blower/vacuum equipment tends to be simply too large for use or storage around the home. This model measures less than 36 inches wide, making it smaller than most midrange riding mowers used by homeowners for more routine maintenance throughout the year. Its compact size does not affect its stability, however. This model comes with wider rear tires that give it a bit of added stability on steep grades, tighter turns, and on uneven ground. The equipment also comes with front caster wheels that allow for easier maneuverability and a tighter turning radius around obstacles.

The equipment is also highly versatile, switching between a blower and a vacuum with the use of a single attachment. By default, the Blo-Vac 425 is sold as a blower. It performs this task well, with more than 6,100 cfm of air to help dislodge foliage and smaller debris items. With the use of an OEM vacuum attachment and alteration of a single setting, the Blo-Vac owns up to the “vac” found in its name. All debris is processed through an impeller system to ensure that its displacement or storage is made more efficient, with fewer interruptions for emptying a storage bag or other container.

When using the 425 model as a blower, the operator stands on a rear platform and uses a small control panel to steer the blower and control its forward or reverse speed. As a vacuum, the equipment can be placed into a stationary position that is convenient to the debris being processed. When using the operator platform, a series of rubberized materials helps to absorb vibrations and keep the operator comfortable for longer periods of time. This is especially useful when handling larger acreage around a home or commercial facility.

Equipment Specifications: How the Blo-Vac Gets the Job Done

The Blo-Vac 425 measures just under 36 inches wide and features a zero turning radius for excellent maneuverability around the home, lawn accessories, trees, and other obstacles. The equipment can produce up to 6,1372 cfm of air volume when used as a blower, which is on par with several smaller industrial models. This amount of air volume is sufficient for moving grass clippings, leafy foliage, hedge trimmings, and smaller debris items.

When the equipment is used as a blower, it can be driven forward at speeds of up to 8 miles per hour. This allows very quick clearing of debris in larger areas, and actually enhances how effectively the blower can leverage its significant amount of air volume. A 25-horsepower Subaru engine is powered by a large, 8-gallon fuel tank that allows for extended work without refueling. A dual deflector system can be adjusted dynamically during use to prevent damage to sidewalks, curbs, tree trunks, or other immovable objects.

Options and Upgrades: Enhance the Blo-Vac 425 After Purchase

The standard Hurricane Blo-Vac 425 is already an impressive piece of equipment, but it can be enhanced through up to through after-purchase upgrades. The first of these upgrades includes a pair of work lights that will make it easier to use the blower or vacuum in low light. Attached via an included hardware mount, these work lights are a great way to get the job done during the cooler evening hours of the summer months.

The vacuum package itself is considered an extra option for this model, though most buyers include with the Blo-Vac at the time of purchase. Additionally, equipment buyers can upgrade to wider, smooth rear tires that can enhance stability and productivity around the home.

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