How to Stripe Your Lawn

Have you ever wondered how they get the diamond pattern on baseball fields? Do you like the stripes left behind when your neighbor has their lawn mowed? Getting that look is easier than you think. With a striping kit and the right mowing techniques, you can create these designs on your own lawn.

Why Do Some Lawns Look Striped?

A blade of grass has a light side and a dark side. By bending the grass, you can make one of these sides face up, making a patch of grass look lighter or darker. Striping takes advantage of this by bending grass in different directions to create patterns.

Can I Stripe with My Mower?

You can stripe with any mower by using alternating passes. However, for the best visibility, you need a striping kit. This adds a tool to the back of the deck to bend the grass. These tools use one of three methods to bend grass:

– A rubber lip pushes down on the grass
– A roller bends the grass
– A spring-loaded roller bends and pushes down on the grass

Don’t worry too much about which method is best. They all work, and you probably have just one striping option for your mower.
For the best results, you need sharp mower blades and dry grass. This leaves an even surface that won’t look matted. Using a higher cutting height lets the grass bend more, making the effect more dramatic. For the health of your lawn, you should change the mowing pattern occasionally to bend the grass in different directions.

Is There a Reason to Stripe, Other Than Looks?

Trying out different patterns keeps you from mowing the same way twice. This prevents the creation of ruts, and limits scalping. It’s also a great way to mark areas for seeding and fertilizing.

How to Get Different Stripe Patterns

Basic Stripes: Make alternating passes across your lawn.
Checkerboard and diamond pattern: Put down a basic stripe, then drive over the lawn again, this time at a 90 degree angle to the first stripes. This leaves a pattern of squares across the lawn. If you want a diamond pattern, like those used for most ballparks, make all of your passes at a 45 degree angle to the edges of the lawn.
Once you finish your passes, drive over the perimeter of the lawn to cover your turns.

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