How to Replace the Auger Belt on a Cub Cadet 3X Series Three-Stage Snowblower

Cub Cadet 3X 28The best way to make sure Cub Cadet’s 3X snowblower lasts for many winters to come is to perform proper maintenance and repair procedures that keep all of its moving parts and belts in great shape. One of the most common maintenance procedures or repairs conducted on these snowblowers is the removal and replacement of the equipment’s auger belt. Since this belt is the most intensively used part of the entire machine, it stands to reason that the occasional replacement process is necessary to keep the equipment operating at peak efficiency and without risking damage or injury during use. With proper safety precautions observed, operators will find it easy to remove and replace this key part of the snowblower relatively quickly.

Always Follow Proper Safety Procedures During Maintenance

Performing maintenance or repair work on a snowblower can cause serious damage to the equipment, or serious injury to the operator, if proper safety precautions aren’t followed throughout the entire process. First and foremost, be sure never to perform maintenance on a snowblower that has recently been used. This often will put the operator at risk of burns and other serious injuries, due largely to the hot engine and other moving parts. Further, it can risk sparking oil or gasoline, leading to serious equipment and facility damage.

Maintenance work should always be performed on a solid, flat surface, and in a generally open area. This will reduce the risk of dangerous spills and the inhalation of potentially toxic fumes that otherwise pose a serious health risk.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Auger Belt Removal and Replacement

To ensure proper safety and easy removal of the auger belt, operators should follow a few basic steps that will allow for quick removal of the existing part and easy replacement using an OEM version sold by Cub Cadet at major national retailers.

Step 1: Prepare the Equipment for Work

Let the engine run continuously until there is no fuel left in the fuel tank. Under no circumstances should fuel be drained from the equipment manually, nor should the equipment be tipped or moved with any leftover fuel inside. With the fuel removed, continue to prepare the equipment for auger belt work by removing the attached plastic belt cover on the front of the engine compartment. This will require removing two self-tapping screws, so be sure to have the proper tools on hand.

Step 2: Start the Removal Process

With the belt cover removed, a portion of the auger belt will be clearly visible inside the snowblower. Using hands rather than metal tools, go ahead and roll this portion of the auger belt off of the engine pulley gently. Work the auger belt forward until it is fully removed from this particular pulley. After it has been successfully rolled off this pulley, removal will proceed by moving to the underside of the snowblower.

Step 3: Continue with Auger Belt Removal

Next, the snowblower will have to be rotated up and forward so that it actually rests on the auger housing itself. When the snowblower is placed into the proper position, remove the engine equipment cover located on the equipment’s underside. Like the removal of the belt cover in the first step of this process, removal of the equipment cover will require the removal of self-tapping screws using the proper hardware and tools.

After the equipment cover has been removed, operators will notice a small bolt that essentially acts as the snowblower’s belt keeper. Remove that bolt. Next, look for the remaining portion of the old auger belt that is still wrapped around the auger pulley. Slip the belt between the snowblower’s support bracket and the auger pulley until the part is completely removed from the snowblower. Gently guide it out of the equipment and set it aside for proper disposal after this process is complete.

Step 4: Replace the Auger Belt

With the old auger belt fully removed from the 3X snowblower, it’s time to place the replacement part into service. This can be done by simply following the three steps above in reverse order. It should be noted that the best way to ensure a long-lasting auger belt replacement is to stick with OEM Cub Cadet parts that were made in the company’s own factories. These parts are made with the same commitment to quality, and with a guarantee of compatibility, that will allow equipment owners enjoy a bit more peace of mind during routine use of the snowblower throughout the winter.

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