How to Repair a Lackluster Lawn


With the warmer weather approaching, many homeowners are interested in fixing up the way their lawn looks. Though it may be tempting to ignore the area altogether, with some guidance, almost anyone can repair their lackluster lawn. By planning ahead with these simple care procedures, it can be easy for any lawn to be restored to its former glory.

Preparing the Lawn

Begin by removing any and all visible debris from the lawn. Things such as rocks, branches, piles of compost or leaves and anything else that could get in the way of the rejuvenation process should be removed. Homeowners should also make sure to remove all decorative fixtures as well, such as statues and lawn ornaments, as they can leave imprints in the new earth before it is ready.

Clearing Away Brown Areas

Brown spots on the lawn are caused by items left on the grass too long, water imbalances, and/or fungi and other unwanted growths. There are numerous treatment plans that you can apply to the lawn to get rid of brown areas, but one of the most important things to do for the future is to prevent these brown areas from developing in the first place. In order to do that, avoid overwatering the lawn and make sure that you fertilize as necessary.  Also, don’t leave items on your lawn for extended periods of time.


To successfully aerate the lawn, use a quality aeration system based on your lawn’s size and your available budget. Aerators and tillers are designed to turn up the soil and remove plugs to allow the earth to breathe. Make sure to shop according to your needs, as there are numerous systems available, some of which may be too large or too small for certain applications. Take care to maintain the equipment carefully for the best results.


To correctly reseed the lawn, make sure that you get a soil test to determine what types of seeds can provide you with the best results. This is particularly important for specific types of soil, as not all seeds can grow in all conditions. When ready, smooth the soil and use a starter fertilizer to help the seeds grow. Monitor the seeds and adjust the fertilizer formula as necessary to establish the best results.


Fertilize your lawn according to its soil type and size, and always make sure to choose the right blend for the best results, as many lawns have different amounts of nitrogen and other necessary nutrients in the mix. Use slow-feed systems to apply the fertilizer to your lawn in an even and easy to manage way.


Most lawns only need approximately an inch of water every week to maintain their healthy appearance. In areas where rainfall is frequent, homeowners do not even need to regularly water their lawns to get the desired results. However, one of the easiest mistakes to make with lawn care is overwatering, which can lead to brown spots and other signs of visible damage on the lawn’s surface.

Regular Maintenance

Once your lawn is starting to look the way you want it to, be sure to maintain it carefully. This means regularly mowing it and making sure that brown spots and weeds do not invade the surface. Performing a quick inspection every day is one of the best ways to avoid potential problems before they have the chance to grow out of control.

Buying & Servicing Lawn Equipment

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