How to Quickly and Easily Trim Overgrown Shrubs

Hedges_and_lawn_Santa_Clara_CaliforniaBushes and shrubs typically found in landscaping are different from trees in that they have multiple stems and a shorter height. They are usually perennial and may get as high as 20 feet depending on the plant. Once they become overgrown, they can be problematic in any well-maintained landscaping, and cutting them back is vital for the overall health of the plant.

When To Trim Overgrown Shrubs

Many landscapers trim bushes and shrubs to both keep the plant healthy and also to maintain its attractive appearance. Sometimes overgrowth will also prevent the plant from producing many blooms or flowers. Overgrowth can cause an increased risk of infestation and disease as well. Pruning the shrubs helps rejuvenate the plant, returns it to an attractive visual state and can be useful in training it to grow in a certain way.

The best time to prune shrubs is usually during the time between late winter and early spring┬ábefore any new growth has appeared. It’s less ideal to prune shrubs during the late summer, but it can be done once the plant has stopped growing for the year. Generally, avoid cutting off any new growth or blooms when pruning as this can damage the shrub.

How to Trim Overgrown Shrubs

Most shrubs should be pruned every year, however, the three-year approach is usually recommended before pruning annually. In the first year, prune one-third of larger and older branches at the bottom of the shrub by using clean, sharp shears or clippers. You can also use a hedge trimmer for thickly growing hedge stands. Cut the branches at the base, not at the middle or ends. In the second year, remove half of the older remainder of the branches and some new shoots. In the third year and in following years, trim the shrub as you desire.

After the three-year plan, trim the shrubs every year by cutting large branches or stems from the center and base of the shrub. Trim any new shoots coming up from the ground and any unwanted growth such as large branches sticking out from the top or the main area of the shrub. Use garden twine to tie branches in the direction you wish them to grow.

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