How to Operate a Cub Cadet 3X Series Three-Stage Snowblower

Cub Cadet 3X 28Cub Cadet’s 3X snowblower, with its three-stage operation, is easily one of the most powerful and effective pieces of equipment on the market for handling major winter storms. Many buyers are completely new to this level of power, however, and may not be familiar with how to turn the equipment on, keep it in operation, and safely clean snow away from driveways, sidewalks, and other crucial areas. Before getting started with the 3X series, be sure to review a few guidelines that will make operation easier and safer all winter long.

Safety Precautions for New 3X Snowblower Owners

Though snow itself is generally considered a minimal safety risk, it’s important to remember that a 3X three-stage snowblower is actually a very powerful piece of equipment that can cause some safety concerns of its own. First among these is the risk posed to operators when the equipment encounters debris or flings that debris in the wrong direction. Be sure that any surface cleared by the snowblower is first free of debris, and be sure to point the chute away from any people or property that might be seriously damaged if debris is made airborne.

As with all types of power equipment, the 3X snowblower should only be started on a flat surface in an outdoor, open area. Using the equipment in an enclosed space, even for just a moment, can increase the risk of everything from hearing damage to carbon monoxide poisoning and fuel spills. None of the outcomes are ideal, but all are easily avoided by following basic safety precautions

A Look at the 3X Series Controls

Operating the 3X snowblower requires using a series of controls, often called triggers, to steer and place the augers into operation. These controls are easy to adjust and can be located by following a few simple tips.

Auger Control

The snowblower’s auger control is located on the equipment’s left handle. To engage the augers, squeeze this trigger downward toward the handle and move the equipment forward to clear snow. To stop clearing snow and shut down the equipment, simply release the auger control.

Drive Control

The drive control is located across from the auger control on the right handle. This control must be pressed downward in order for the auger to be engaged at all, so be sure to squeeze this trigger before attempting other adjustments.

Steering Control

Steering controls are located underneath both the left and right handles, and must be squeezed tight to the handle in order to turn the equipment to either side. If left untouched, these controls will perform no function and allow the equipment to travel straight ahead.

Chute Control

Cub Cadet includes a chute control option on the left-hand side of the 3X series dashboard panel. This control does vary a bit based on the type of equipment being used. The company’s higher-end 3X series snowblowers come with a four-way chute control that can be used to send the snow virtually anywhere during regular use. Other models come with a more conventional overhead chute system, which can be easily controlled with a second kind of chute control on the dashboard.

Both of these systems include a lever that can be adjusted between several positions. The chute control itself does come with illustrations depicting the position or nature of the chute if the lever is placed into a given position, and more detail can be found by perusing the 3X series owner’s manual prior to use.

Operating the Snowblower: General Guidelines

Because each of Cub Cadet’s 3X snowblowers come with a slightly different engine, equipment owners should consult the engine’s instruction manual to learn more about how to start the equipment. Operating the snowblower is universal despite the included engine brand, however, and requires just two basic pieces of information.

1. Steering

The drive control should already be engaged so that the snowblower can move forward and clear a given area. With that control engaged, simply find the left and right steering trigger. To turn the snowblower left, squeeze the left trigger. To go the opposite direction, squeeze the right drive trigger. To continue going straight, simply place no pressure on either trigger.

2. Engaging Augers

The augers are largely responsible for clearing the snow, so it’s important to get them engaged as soon as the equipment is on snow-covered land. To do so, squeeze the auger control trigger against the snowblower’s left handle. When snow clearing is done, simply release this trigger to stop the augers and shut down the equipment.

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