How to Maintain a Cub Cadet 3X Series Three-Stage Snowblower

Cub Cadet 3X 30Cub Cadet’s 3X snowblower is easily one of the most powerful on the market, but it’s up to each equipment owner to ensure that it’s also one of the most dependable. While Cub Cadet has done its part, including high-quality components and durable materials, equipment owners need to make sure they’re performing regular oil changes and cleaning the equipment on a regular basis so that it continues to operate at peak performance for years to come. For those new to snowblower maintenance and more, a general set of guidelines can make maintenance easier, more regular, and more beneficial overall.

Safety Comes First

Before getting started with regular snowblower maintenance procedures, it’s important to ensure strict adherence to a few basic safety procedures. Perhaps most importantly, maintenance should never be performed on an uneven surface, in an enclosed space, or in an area where fluids might leak and be absorbed into the ground.

Be sure that the equipment has been allowed to cool after operation. Maintenance performed on a hot snowblower can burn the operator and potentially spark fuel, leading to major damage. The equipment should never be on or engaged during maintenance, as this exacerbates the problems mentioned earlier and can cause serious, devastating injuries. With these guidelines in mind, here’s how to keep the equipment in like-new condition.

Shear Pins

Shear pins may become excessively worn or damaged after one or more seasons of use, and should be checked at least once per season for any problems that might affect long-term snowblower operation. OEM replacements are easy to find, and they can be easily installed throughout the winter season or before springtime storage.

Shave Plate and Skid Shoes

Because both the shave plate and skid shoes are attached to the bottom of the equipment, regular use of the snowblower will cause them to wear down and show signs of damage after one or more busy years of snow clearing. To keep the snowblower safe and running at full capacity, check the shave plate and skid shoes on a periodic basis. It might be a good idea to commit to checking these parts at least once per month while the snowblower is in use, and again at the end of the winter season before the equipment is placed into storage.

Lubrication Concerns

Proper lubrication of the snowblower ensures that its moving parts operate efficiently and without causing major damage to the equipment during use. Furthermore, proper lubrication makes sure the engine can operate at peak efficiency throughout the winter, conserving gasoline and reducing overall wear and tear that could otherwise shorten the lifespan of the snowblower. There are typically three places to check for proper lubrication with the 3X series.

The Auger Shaft

To access the auger shaft, remove the shear pins and clear the space of any residue or debris. Use a spray lubricant to coat the inside of the shaft as well as the area around the snowblower’s spaces, flange bearings, and bushings. These parts will be found at either end of the auger shaft. With lubricant coated throughout the shaft and its moving parts, reinsert the shear pins and resume operation. Be sure to perform this process at least once per season, regularly checking the condition of the auger shaft and shear pins before use.

The Gear Shaft

The gear shaft should be cleaned and lubricated after roughly every 25 hours of use, or once per season depending on how often the equipment is put into use. Before lubricating this part of the equipment, allow the engine to run until it is completely out of fuel. Pivot the equipment forward and up, and then remove the frame cover. Clean the area and apply a spray lubricant before reassembling and returning the snowblower to its proper, upright position.

The Wheels

The snowblower’s wheels should be fully removed at least one time per season. With the wheels removed, go ahead and clean away any mud or debris. Before reattaching the wheels, clean the snowblower’s axles and then apply a light coating of mild, multipurpose automotive grease. Reinstall the wheels securely and verify that they’re properly in place before clearing snow.


In an effort to make the 3X snowblower series a bit easier and more comfortable to operate, Cub Cadet has allowed for several key adjustments to be made throughout the winter season based on operator preference, terrain conditions, and other concerns. Among the parts that can be adjusted:

– Drive control
– Auger control
– Skid shoes
– Shift rod
– Shift cable
– Chute assembly and control rod

Virtually all of these adjustments will require the proper tools and hardware, with proper procedures being listed in the Cub Cadet 3X series owner’s manual. Has Parts, Snowblowers and More

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