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Honda TillerAside from lawn mowers, one of the most important home landscaping tools is the power tiller. These small pieces of equipment are a great way to turn open lawn space into a flower bed, a home garden, and a variety of other uses that will more robustly embrace the warmest months of the year and convert outdoor space into something far more versatile and usable.

Among the many companies offering power tillers, Honda is perhaps one of the best. The company markets three separate lines of tillers, good for everything from commercial-level work to smaller, around-the-home pursuits that are typical of those with smaller lawns and big ambitions for cultivating new space.

Mini-Tillers are Great for smaller jobs for small flowerbeds, smaller home gardens, or simply weaving the equipment in between existing plants and around tight corners. No tiller on the market compares to Honda’s line of FG series mini tillers. These small pieces of equipment come with a tilling width of just 9 inches that, while small, is perfect for smaller purposes and tight corners around the home. Best of all, the company’s mini tillers come with four-stroke consumer-grade engines that are exceedingly easy to start, operate, and maintain.

Honda’s FG series of tillers, exemplified by the FG110 model, can be extended by using a series of OEM attachments produced by the company. This includes aerators and edgers, digging tines and even a dethatcher.With this wide variety of attachments, mini tillers can become an all-in-one solution to intricate yard work, landscaping, planting, and even garden maintenance. With an overall weight of just 29 pounds and patented hybrid tines, this tiller is a great entry-level model for a large subset of homeowners and first-time buyers. Mid-Tine Tillers represent a mainstream option for homeowners as consumer demands increase, Honda’s tillers respond by increasing their own size, power, and adaptability. That’s best seen in the company’s line of mid-tine tillers.

This series of products, which includes the F220 and the FC600, pack more power and wider tilling capabilities that will make quick work of tilling solid ground and creating entirely new growing features in the lawn. Honda’s F220 model comes with an adjustable tilling width that can be adjusted as wide as 21 inches for large jobs. Instead of the simpler and smaller four-stroke consumer-grade engine, Honda equips this moderately larger model with the popular GX series engine. This gives the tiller quite a bit more horsepower and allows its larger tines to capably break ground and allow for great planting and upkeep. For narrower applications, the outer tines can be removed. This narrows the model significantly. The FC600 series builds on the successes of the F220, upgrading the included engine to a much more robust Honda OHV engine. The commercial-grade engine backs a 26.4-inch tilling width suitable for slightly larger areas and tougher work. An adjustable handle makes this work a bit more comfortable, while the larger front guide wheel makes the equipment easier to handle and maneuver through spaces of all sizes and shapes.

Commercial Grade Tilling with Honda’s Rear-Tine Tillers When there’s serious tilling work to be done, even Honda’s mid-tine tillers won’t be the best option for some homeowners. Instead, the company sells a rear-tine tiller that is far more powerful and better suited to truly large landscaping jobs and broken ground. The FRC800 comes with one of Honda’s more powerful OHV engines, a commercial-grade source of power billed as an “easy start” model. That powerful engine powers a 20-inch tilling width; the tiller itself can move forward at one of three different speeds, while it can reverse in a single speed if the need arises. All the while, its wheels are self-propelled for easier operation and quicker work.

The FRC800 rear-tine tiller also comes with one of the more ergonomic handle designs among rear-tine tillers currently on the market. The loop-style handle makes it easier to hold onto the tiller, guide it around more challenging curves and lawn obstacles, and safely keep the power turned on during the entire process. The rear-tine model supports a furrow attachment that can be used along with the tines to create deeper, more even planting rows. This will help plants stand a better chance at blooming, flourishing, and withstanding the elements all season long.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a great choice for OEM Parts and service as with any variety of landscaping equipment, Honda’s tillers will require an ongoing commitment to maintenance, repairs, and service during their lifetime. Shank’s Lawn Equipment is one of the few authorized dealers that can help with all of these needs, thanks in no small part to the company’s combination of great OEM parts, an intuitive online lookup tool for these parts, and real world experience that can help deliver expert service and support for tiller owners well into the future.

Since 1984, Shanks Lawn Equipment has been in business, providing parts, service and equipment to the surrounding areas. If you are in the Martinsburg, WV or Falling Waters, WV area, stop by and see their facility.

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