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Honda FG110 TillerHonda’s various tiller models are impressive enough on their own, but the company has gone above and beyond the initial configuration of this equipment in order to provide a superior landscaping and planting experience. Each Honda tiller comes with the option to be extended with a large number of accessories, allowing the equipment to almost instantly turn into an edger, a dethatcher, and more. Because these accessories are as easy to afford as they are to install on each tiller, they’ve become a main selling point for those interested in Honda equipment. 

The Edger: Create Stunning Boundaries at Property Lines or Elsewhere

One of the most popular accessories for the Honda FG110 mini-tiller is the edging attachment, which replaces the typical tines with a more traditional edging blade. This allows the tiller to instantly transform into a precision cutting device, establishing clear edges along home walkways, public sidewalks, and around flower beds. Without this attachment, homeowners would have to buy a considerably more expensive edging tool, which would perform just one function without being extensible at all. For this reason, the edger is a great accessory and a great way for homeowners to save money while perfecting their home’s landscaping and overall appearance.

The Aerator: Contributing to Greener, Healthier Lawns for Homeowners

Another popular attachment for the FG110 tiller model is the pointed aerator accessory. Unlike the edger, this accessory is concerned primarily with encouraging grass growth and health through better oxygenation. The pointed blades of the aerator accessory puncture the ground, allowing fresh air and a bit of extra light to reach the base of each blade of grass, ensuring that those blades of grass are a more radiant green color. This aeration also gives grass a bit of extra resilience, protecting it against environmental concerns and natural events that might otherwise harm the lawn and degrade its overall quality. The

Dethatcher: Cleaning Up the Lawn and Getting Rid of Obstacles

The thatching of weeds and other plants can cause grass to suffer without proper sunlight or moisture, and that can lead to lawns that are uneven, brown, and sometimes completely dead. The dethatcher attachment fixes this by using innovative blades to pull apart thatches, removing them from the lawn entirely and contributing to a healthier, more consistent appearance that will be far easier on the eyes and result in less frustration on behalf of homeowners everywhere. The dethatcher attachment is available for the FG110 mini-tine tiller, as well as the moderately larger FC600 mid-tine model sold by Honda.

The Furrower: Creating Uniform Planting Rows for Excellent Results

One of the problems that can arise from amateur tilling is the creation of uneven soil and inconsistent planting rows. This inconsistency can sometimes reduce how healthy plants are, contributing to lower-than-expected yields in home gardens and flowerbeds. This problem is largely eliminated by the furrower attachment available for the F220, FC600, and FRC800 tiller models. The attachment clips on and creates planting rows that are uniform in width and depth, giving seeds a more consistent environment in which to flourish and attract the proper nutrient and moisture levels all growing season long. The

Side Disc: Preventing Plant Damage During

Tilling One of the main concerns many homeowners have when tilling the land that surrounds existing plants is that debris thrown out by the tiller can damage those existing plants. With excessive tilling in close range of healthy plants, damage can reduce yields or ruin flowerbeds. That’s a pretty big problem, but it’s one that the side disc accessory aims to solve. The disc attaches to the side of F220 tiller models, keeping dirt and debris largely inside and underneath the tiller’s housing. This allows homeowners to till land much closer to existing plants without harming them or causing them to underperform during a given growing season.

Digging Tines: For More Intense Work Around the Home

Particularly hard soil, clumps of dirt, or even thick patches of weeds, can send standard tiller tines into disarray. For homeowners with this problem, special digging tines can be purchased for the FG110 tiller. These tines are bigger, more durable, and able to perform soil breakup and weeding tasks that the standard FG110 tines simply cannot handle.

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