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Honda EB 5000 GeneratorDuring the winter months, there are few things as important as a functioning generator. While it’s a good idea to make sure a generator can operate in all seasons, the cold temperatures of the winter make it even more important for the comfort and survival of a home’s residents during the most challenging time of the year. With the right accessories, it’s easy to make sure that a generator is functional, easily transported, and easily maintained, so that it can keep a home lit during long nights, warm during cold spells, and comfortable year-round.Cases and Wheel Carts: Keeping Generators Safe

One of the most important ways to make sure that any generator can remain functional throughout the year is to look for case covers and wheel carts that help transport and safeguard the equipment. Wheel carts are available in a wide variety of sizes, and they’re specifically designed to help transport generators to a hookup outside the home when the power does go out. This is particularly useful for smaller models, generally used only to heat a home or turn on specific lights, and it will safeguard them from the elements and any shocks or drops during transit.

During storage, a case cover is a great way to prevent damage to the generator that might surprise homeowners when they need it most. Covers are available in a wide variety of sizes, making them perfect for every model on the market. Furthermore, they are available in quite a few styles that will match the tastes of every homeowner. From camouflage options to solid colors and traditional black, there’s a case cover available for everyone.

Ensuring Smooth Operation: Other Accessories that Can Keep a Generator Going

Additional power cords can be purchased for virtually every generator on the market, and they’re one of the most convenient accessories for homeowners to buy. In addition to serving as a backup in case the generator’s included cord fails or is damaged, they can also be stored in various locations where the generator might be hooked up. This includes RVs and other mobile vehicles, and other rooms throughout the home. Of course, RV owners will enjoy RV kits that further enhance the convenience of using a generator with their vehicle during the winter and throughout the year.

Transfer switches represent one of the best purchases any generator owner can make, as they allow a home’s source of electricity to be switched between multiple sources. Typically, these switches are used to turn off electrical power from wires and instead bring it into the home through the use of a generator. When it comes to convenience, there are few products as essential.

Maintenance Concerns are Solved by Many Accessories

Finally, homeowners should make sure that their generator can be easily maintained throughout the winter and all year long. One of the keys to performing maintenance on a generator is an accessory known as a load tester. The load tester’s goal is pretty simple: It places a very high load on the generator and tests its capacity to deliver electrical power to the home. When the time comes to use a generator for the home’s heat and lights, this load testing will come in handy as homeowners decide which functions, and rooms, are served by the equipment.

Spare plugs are another great buy for homeowners, representing a backup supply of replacements that will allow the generator to be quickly repaired during a power outage. The worst case scenario is being unprepared for a malfunctioning generator, and the purchase of extra plugs and replacements will allow homeowners to quickly turn that unpleasant surprise into quick action that will allow the home to be heated during blackouts.

Customers Looking for Accessories Should Trust Shank’s Lawn Equipment

Without a doubt, one of the best companies serving customers with an online way to buy generator accessories is Shank’s Lawn Equipment. The company maintains one of the most robust collections of things like wheel carts, power cords, case covers, and a wide range of other items that will work with a wide array of today’s most popular generators.

To back up their commitment to customers on the hunt for accessory items, the company maintains an intuitive parts lookup tool that can help each customer find the cords, cables, covers, and other accessories, that will work with their specific generator brand and model. Using the tool, it’s easy to enter the manufacturer, product type, and specific model number, when looking for accessories. For specific parts and other items, a specific part number can even be used to find exactly what is needed.

Trust Shank’s Lawn Equipment to supply a large variety of accessories at great prices, and be sure to use their parts lookup tool to find all of the items that will work best with a specific generator brand and model.

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