Honda EU2200i: The Latest in a Line of Class-Leading Portable Generators

It’s simple: if you want the best generator, you buy a Honda. This continues to be true despite emerging new competitors in the generator market. Why? Because they’re constantly innovating. This applies to the new EU2200i just as it did to its predecessors, which created the inverter generator market. It raises the bar for the segment by improving power, reducing noise, and delivering an overall better ownership experience. 


This generator makes 2,200 watts of peak power and 1,800 watts of sustained power. That’s a 20% increase over the old model. This is an inverter generator, so the power coming out of the sockets is identical to what you get at home. That means it’s safe to power anything, including sensitive electronics. 

The EU2200i has a 20-amp 20R duplex outlet. This outlet has two household sockets, and the full 20 amps can be drawn from a single outlet with the right plug and cable. This is handy for getting power from the generator to the places you need it. Like all generators, you should keep the EU2200i out of enclosed areas and away from buildings to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. To make power generation safer, the new CO-MINDER carbon monoxide detector shuts the engine off automatically if CO levels get too high. 

Honda makes two versions of this generator: the EU2200ITAN is legal in 49 states, while the EU2200iTAG is CARB-approved, and can be sold in California. All models are EPA compliant and come with a USDA-approved spark arrester, making it legal to use in most areas. 

EU2200i Companion: An Unusual Solution for Parallel Connections 

Connecting two small generators with a parallel cable provides the power of a larger generator without the noise. While other manufacturers use a cable with a box that houses high output sockets, Honda opted for a cleaner solution: the Companion. This version of the EU2200i replaces the duplex household outlets with an L5-30R 30-amp RV outlet and a single 15-20R outlet. The RV outlet is only active when two generators are connected together. However, like the standard model, you can draw the Companion’s full output from the single 15-20R socket. 

Like the standard model, it’s offered in two versions: EU2200ITAG1 in California, and EU2200ITAN1 for the rest of the U.S. Aside from the outlets, the standard and Companion generators are identical. 

Quieter and Easier to Live With 

This is the quietest generator you can buy in this size class. It makes only 48 dB of noise at 25% load, and even at 100% load, it just emits 57 dB of noise. That’s about as loud as a refrigerator. 

Power comes from a GXR120 engine, a small commercial model that has proven to be reliable over its years on the market. Oil changes on this engine are easier than most outgoing generators, thanks to a bigger fill opening, longer spout, and larger oil drain gutter. Revisions and updates on the generator improve reliability, including better airflow, a stamped steel insert inside the recoil rope, and improved magnets used for the stator. The result is a cooler engine with better ignition and a more durable starter. 

The build-in fuel tank holds just under a gallon of fuel. This is enough to keep the engine running for three hours and 12 minutes at 50% load, and up to 8.1 hours at 25% load.  A new fuel shutoff mode cuts the fuel supply to the engine instead of cutting the ignition to shut off the generator. This lets the engine burn off the remaining fuel in the carburetor, which reduces issues with stale fuel clogging jets and sticking float bowls. 

Without fuel, this generator weighs only 47 lbs. 


Honda guarantees three years of commercial and residential use for the entire generator, including the engine. 

When You Think “Honda,” Think “Shank’s” 

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