Giant-Vac TLS20-18BV Skid-Mount Truck Loader

Scag Truck Mount LoaderGiant-Vac created the lawn vacuum segment, so it should be no surprise that they have an excellent solution for professionals who need to load yard waste. The TLS20-18BV is a professional quality truck loader designed to be easy to mount, move, use and maintain to get jobs done quickly and painlessly.

Features that Make Work Easy from Start to Finish

The TLS20 comes with an electric starter and a remote throttle control, making it easy to start the engine and set the correct speed moving debris.

Debris enter through a replaceable 16 gauge beveled intake nozzle with a reinforced ambidextrous handle that can be held with one or two hands. The 144 inch-long intake hose is mounted to a support chain that can be adjusted to keep the hose at the right height for easy pickup. In other words, the hose is always in the right place and it’s easy to change grip positions to prevent fatigue.

Debris are pulled through the loader using a dynamically balanced 20 inch wide impeller. This constructed design uses four blades made out of 3/8 inch thick steel to withstand the impacts of day to day commercial use. It’s turned by an 18 horsepower Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V-Twin commercial engine that meets emissions standards in all 50 states. Together, they can move up to 3,075 cubic feet per minute, exceeding almost every other loader on the market. As debris pass through the blades, its reduced so that more waste can fit in the bed.

Easy to Move and Service

While all steel construction ensures durability, it also makes the vacuum fairly heavy: a complete loader tips the scales at 437 lbs. Fortunately, Giant-Vac has made sure the TLS20 is as easy to move and mount as possible. An added lift point on the output stack makes the loader easy to balance when moving with a hoist, while the skids have fork pockets for moving with a fork lift. These skids have multiple mounting locations to fit almost any location. Need the loader to be a little shorter? Taking off the skids reduces total height by four inches to 74.25 inches, but it can still be permanently mounted using a set of holes in its base.

1/4 inch replaceable steel wear plates take the brunt of the impact inside the blower housing for longer overall life of the loader. The plates and impeller can be accessed for cleaning and repair by removing a single panel. The engine sits uncovered for easy access and a remote engine oil drain aids in mess-free servicing no matter where the loader is mounted.

The output stack is made from a pair of steel chutes that slide into each other for greater durability. Debris exits the loader through a 7 inch flexible discharge tube mounted using a heavy duty clamp to stay in place during transport, while the intake boom can be locked into place with a spring-loaded pin to keep it in place when moving between jobs. The intake hose can be removed without using tools.

Giant-Vac covers the TLS20-18BV with a 2 year warranty for commercial and residential use, or 90 days for rental use.

Available Accessories

Want to use the TLS20 with a light duty truck? The hitch-mount accessory places the loader on a base designed to slide into a trailer hitch receiver. The mount folds to place the loader against the truck for transport, then can be unfolded to 90 or 180 degrees when in use.

Using the loader with a tall truck bed or trailer? A stack extension can be added to raise the output hose by 12 inches to clear tall beds.

Need to move debris in low light conditions? Scag offers a halogen light kit that is powered by the motor’s own electrical system.

Where to Buy Giant-Vac Equipment and Parts

 Shank’s  Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for Scag Giant-Vac, Subaru, Honda and Briggs and Stratton, making them a one stop for parts and service for all Scag Giant-Vac products. Stop by their shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Hwy in Chambersburg, PA, just off I81 via the US Route 11 Marion, Exit 10, or visit them on the web at They can ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

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