Giant-Vac TLB25-35BV Industrial Tow-Behind Truck Loaders

Scag Truck Mount LoaderNeed to haul away a lot of leaves and lawn debris? The Scag Giant-Vac TLB25-35BV is an industrial strength truck loader that combines steel construction, a commercial engine, industry leading air flow and a long list of features to make loading as easy and fast as possible.

Big Power Meets Smart Design

The TLB25-35BV is powered by a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Big Block commercial grade V-Twin which produces 35 hp and meets emissions requirements in all 50 states. The engine’s shaft directly drives a 25 x 9 inch fabricated impeller made out of 1/2 inch thick steel using Scag Giant-Vac’s own high flow design, delivering more performance per horsepower. The end result is enough power to move debris at speeds up to 6,781 cubic feet per minute.

Transport Made Easy

The TLB25 is built onto a trailer with highway lighting, a license plate bracket and reflectors to meet DOT requirements for on-road use. A Dexter Torflex Axle rated for 3,500 lbs. fitted with 205/75 R15 highway tires on steel wheels keeps the trailer stable for easy towing, even at freeway speeds. The trailer connects to the truck with a 7 pin trailer wiring connector and a 2″ ball hitch makes the trailer compatible with most applications. Have a pintle hitch or a 2 5/16 inch ball? The trailer hitch can be swapped out for something that fits your vehicle.

The tongue is adjustable for quick adjustment to level out the trailer for less swaying at speed. Depending on the tongue placement, the trailer 120, 126 or 132 inches long. Both the hose and boom can be locked into place for transport: there’s no reason to remove and reattach these parts for each stop. An electric brake system can be added to meet state trailer regulations as needed.

Loading Made Easy

The TLB-25 comes with a storage space for optional traffic cones and wheel chucks as well as three built-in holders for brooms and rakes. Once on site, the engine is switched on with a remote electric starter powered by an on-board battery. A massive 8.5 gallon fuel tank means hours of use between fill ups, and a built-in gauge means no surprise shut downs in the middle of work. Need to work in low light conditions? Giant-Vac offers a lighting kit that runs off the loader’s electrical system.

Leaves and lawn clippings enter through a 16 inch wide 16 gauge steel intake nozzle designed to handle scrapes and bumps when moving across the ground. From there, the debris is carried to the impeller via a wire-reinforced 45 mil polyurethane hose, offering flexibility while resisting tears and cuts from sharp debris. The hose is supported by a boom arm via a chain that can be adjusted without tools to get it into a position that’s comfortable for the operator. The intake handle is designed to be used with one or two hands and can be held left or right-handed.

After passing through the impeller and steel chute, the debris exit through 12 inch wide flexible discharge tube. Both this tube and the intake hose are designed to be easy to replace if they are damaged.

Service Made Easy

Opening a single back panel gives full access to the impeller housing. 1/4 inch replaceable plates inside the impeller housing take the brunt of the abuse.

The intake hose has a wear strip built into the wire helix, letting you know when it needs to be replaced before it tears. The engine is mounted at the front, fully exposed for easy maintenance.

Where to Buy Giant-Vac Equipment and Parts

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for both Scag Giant-Vac and Briggs and Stratton, making them the perfect source for sales, service and parts for the TLB25-35BV. Live near Chambersburg, PA? Stop by their shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Hwy, just off I81 via Exit 10, Route 11 / Marion. Not a local, but still live in the U.S. or Canada? They can ship to you. Visit them online at

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