Giant-Vac TL20W-29BV Tow Behind Truck Loader

Giant Tow BehindWhen it comes to processing large loads of natural debris and transporting it for disposal or reuse, there are few pieces of equipment more essential than a truck loader. Scag is one of the leading manufacturers of today’s most powerful and convenient truck loaders, with models that range in size from relatively small to large, industrial, and high-end. The company’s TL20W-29BV truck loader is one of Scag’s midrange models. This truck loader is designed for power users at home or industrial users who have a great deal of work to get done throughout the typical workday. Its size is manageable, its maintenance requirements are relatively easy.

Key Features: Why Choose the Scag TL20W-29BV Truck Loader?

The TL20W-29BV truck loader is a great choice for professional and light residential work, with a powerful engine and a tow-behind design that makes transportation of the equipment easier than models that are nowhere near as easily mobile. The truck loader comes with several features that will definitely help get the job done quicker than less powerful models or those made by competing manufacturers

1. All-Welded Steel Construction

All metals are not created the same. When buying a piece of equipment as large and consequential as a truck loader, buyers need to ensure that they’re picking equipment strong and resilient enough to resist bending, warping, denting, and rusting. The good news for Scag equipment buyers is that the TL20W-29BV truck loader is made from all-welded steel. This material is far stronger than competing options, and it ensures that the truck loader won’t bend, warp, or suffer from other damage when it’s processing particularly challenging debris and being towed between various locations. The steel material is also far more resilient out in the elements, resisting damaging rust that would otherwise cut short the life of the truck loader altogether.

2. Convenient Rear Access Panel for Maintenance Procedures

Many truck loaders require removal of the engine in order to access key parts and panels when performing routine maintenance or important repairs. This is a deal-breaker for many equipment owners, since they simply don’t have the tools, strength, or free space to perform this kind of extensive work. Luckily, this model does not require as much work to get the job done. A quick access panel at the rear of the truck loader can be removed in just a few minutes, and it offers access to key parts for inspection, cleaning, replacement, or repair. This greatly reduces the time needed to keep the truck loader in great condition, and it helps to ensure a longer useful life for the equipment.

3. Large Debris Pickup Nozzle for Quick Processing

Thanks to its relatively large size, the TL20W-29BV truck loader comes with a large debris pickup arm, attached like a boom, to the side of the equipment. This pickup arm is long and large enough to be maneuvered around the equipment, and flexible enough to reach hard-to-access places outdoors. Its larger size is also a boon to equipment owners who plan to process larger items outside the home, while reinforced materials ensure that those large items will be successfully chipped and finished, without causing damage to the tubing or to the truck loader itself. The pickup boom is also spring-loaded for added durability and efficiency on the job.

4. Ergonomic Design for Safe and Easy Use

In recent years, power equipment manufacturers have placed an increased emphasis on ergonomic design that eliminates some of the safety risks and stress injuries from their more powerful models. This commitment can clearly be seen when looking at the TL20W-29BV truck loader, which features a fully padded, ergonomic handle for maneuvering the equipment. The padding is designed to absorb engine vibrations before they reach the operator’s body, reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries and joint problems. The handle’s overall ergonomic design makes long periods of work easier, without straining muscles or causing soreness after the job is finished.

Specifications: The Power Behind the Process

Beyond the features of a truck loader, equipment buyers need to make sure that the model they select has the right specs to get the job done efficiently over time. That should not be a concern with the TL20W-29BV truck loader, which comes with a choice between two highly efficient engines. Buyers can choose a 29-horsepower Vanguard engine or a slightly smaller, more efficient 26.5-horsepower Kohler engine to get the job done quickly and without wasting fuel. A 5.5-gallon fuel tank ensures that the equipment will run for several consecutive hours without interruption, making it easier to get large jobs done more quickly as well.

The equipment features a 12-inch intake hose that eventually funnels debris through the somewhat smaller, 8-inch discharge housing. The truck loader comes with quarter-inch housing wear plates, an ambidextrous intake nozzle handle, and locking boom arm that keeps the entire intake system safely in place during transportation or maintenance.

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