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Bennche 400 ATVFor many professional landscapers, or even those homeowners with extensive lawns and productive gardens, the gap between a riding mower and a heavy-duty truck can seem like a hard one to fill. Luckily, Bennche offers a series of utility vehicles designed to fill just such a gap in size, power, and hauling capacity. The entry-level 400 series is small enough to be hauled around in the bed of a traditional truck, but it brings absolutely essential cargo storage space and hauling capacity that can make extensive lawn maintenance and landscaping work a bit easier to complete throughout the spring and summer seasons. Those considering just such an addition to their equipment lineup should familiarize themselves with the features and capacities of this model to understand whether or not the Bighorn 400 is their best choice.

A Look at the Specs: Why the 400 Series is a Great Choice for Consumers

The Bennche Bighorn 400 series utility vehicle is designed as the company’s entry-level model for typical homeowners or small-time professional landscapers. It features the most compact size, the smallest engine, and the most operational efficiency of any of the company’s current offerings. It all starts with a single-cylinder, liquid cooled engine capable of producing 21.7 horsepower and up to 392cc of displacement. This engine is designed to give the equipment its impressive cargo and towing limits.

Those limits currently stand at up to 350 pounds of capacity in the Bighorn 400’s cargo bed, and an overall towing capacity of 1,100 pounds. Those limits are exceedingly impressive when buyers consider that this utility vehicle weighs just 1,058 pounds overall. The equipment’s 105-inch length and 52-inch width make it small enough to fit in a heavy-duty truck’s cargo bed for hauling around the home, but homeowners will find that numerous lawn care accessories and towable equipment options will virtually eliminate the need for that truck once they arrive on-site. It’s worth noting that the Bennche Bighorn 400 series features an 11-inch ground clearance, which works best on more even terrain around the home.

Key Features of the Bennche Bighorn 400 Series Utility Vehicle

In addition to some pretty impressive specifications for an entry-level utility vehicle, the Bennche Bighorn 400 series UTV packs a number of essential features into the equipment as well. These features are designed to make operation more efficient for a broad array of professional landscapers and homeowners, as well as those who use the vehicle in commercial capacities around businesses, apartment complexes, and elsewhere.

The first of these important features is the equipment’s electric control unit ignition, otherwise known as an ECU unit. This makes the Bighorn 400 exceedingly easy to start, and eliminates the kind of repeated starter grip pulling that has become associated with entry-level models from other manufacturers. In addition to an ECU configuration, the equipment also comes with electronic fuel injection for its built-in engine. EFI requires far less fuel and that means operators will spend less money to keep the 400 series running even when it’s out in the field for very long periods of time. Of course, another metric that contributes to long periods of continued use is the utility vehicle’s large, 7.6-gallon fuel tank.

For smoother operation, the Bighorn 400 comes with an automatic transmission, a shaft-driven drive train, and a locking differential that can use both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive for maximum dependability in challenging outdoor conditions. The utility vehicle’s suspension is designed using a dual-arm configuration with an anti-sway bar for better safety, effortless operation, and better operator comfort. Buyers can pick up the Bennche Bighorn 400 utility vehicle in quite a few colors, including standard black and white. Those looking to differentiate themselves from the pack will probably prefer more unique options, including the company’s bright orange color scheme or the camouflage design option available on some models.

Don’t Forget the Importance of a Test Drive Before Purchase

While the 400 series UTV from Bennche is certainly a great option for small-time landscapers and some homeowners, those considering this model should always schedule a test drive before they simply quote the equipment’s price and bring it home. Its unique features and its smaller engine are a perfect fit for a very specific group of people, and it’s important for prospective buyers to determine whether they fit into that group before purchase. Shank’s Lawn Equipment can provide test drives and many other services to those considering a Bennche UTV.

Get Started Today with a Test Drive and Comprehensive Quote

Bennche Bighorn UTVs are a great way to make professional lawn care easier to manage. For those buyers throughout south-central Pennsylvania and the nearby Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area, Shank’s Lawn Equipment is an hour away at most. It’s our pleasure to provide a test drive, discuss the unique features of the Bennche Bighorn 400 utility vehicle, and provide a comprehensive quote that will detail all of the costs associated with an exciting purchase. Contact us today to get started with a quote and enjoy the benefits of this unique UTV.

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