Fence Mower Parts and Accessories

Fence Row MowerFence Mower products are designed to make it a bit easier to maintain turf along the fence line, with a unique design that slides underneath the fence and creates a uniform cut on both sides of the structure. Though these mowers are powerful and effective out of the box, without any additional accessories or improvements, they can still be enhanced with Fence Mower’s available accessories. These accessories focus on further enhancing cutting along the fence line, eliminating brush, dirt, and more from around both sides of the fence. These accessories are compatible with both the FM 30 and FM 60 mowers, making them useful with both larger and smaller tractors that customers might already be using.

Get Rid of Brush with the Fence Mower Brush Removal Blade

The design of the Fence Mower FM 30 and FM 60 systems promotes navigating the blades around obstructions, which typically includes fence posts. In some cases, this means that the mower will actually work around brush instead of cutting through it. This is problematic for equipment owners who have allowed their fence line to become exceedingly overgrown over the course of several years. The brush removal blade is designed to eliminate this problem, attaching to the existing mower and allowing the equipment to first slice through smaller brush and saplings, and then pass the mower blades over the surface.

It’s worth noting that the brush removal blade is not large enough, or sharp enough, to be able to cut through the fence itself. Furthermore, the blade is typically activated by passing over an area several times. This allows the mower to more easily identify and manage brush or saplings, all while leaving the fence free of harm. The attachment can be combined with at least one other attachment, making the FM 30 and FM 60 even more effective when handling common obstructions along the fence or underneath it.

One Step Further: The Brush Removal Blade with a Dirt Removal Attachment

The brush removal blade is effective getting rid of brush that might surround the fence or grow underneath the fence line, but even this blade is not enough to handle mounds of dirt that may accumulate underneath the fence over the course of several months or several years. This problem is most common where a fence is used to contain livestock, but even fences that don’t contain livestock may develop mounds of dirt underneath the structure if they’re not maintained for several years.

The best way to handle this situation is to opt for a combination of the brush removal blade and Fence Mower’s specialized dirt removal attachment. This attachment works in a very similar way to the standard brush removal blade. The blade and dirt removal attachment are installed in the same location, atop one another, and slice through both dirt and brush as needed in order to create a clear area for precise mowing during a later pass through along the line. This is perhaps the most comprehensive attachment available for Fence Mower products, and will prove useful in a broad array of situations over time.

Create a Smoother Appearance with the Medium Lift Blade

Another common concern of Fence Mower owners is whether or not they can produce a professional cut with aesthetics that blend in with the rest of the lawn. The best way to produce this result is to opt for Fence Mower’s medium lift blade. The blade performs two key tasks when used with a standard FM 30 or FM 60 mower. First, it discharges clippings to the rear of the mower, rather than leaving them on just one side of the fence line. Second, this unique attachment actually runs over the grass and helps to create a smooth appearance. As a result, the finished product is properly trimmed and offers a consistent cut and color that will match the rest of the nearby lawn.

The medium lift blade cannot be used in conjunction with the brush removal blade or the dirt removal attachment, but this shouldn’t be a problem for Fence Mower equipment owners. In fact, this is more of a “finishing” tool that is used during the last pass along, or underneath, the fence line. It is most useful where a fence borders a traditional lawn, rather than a containment area for livestock or crops.

Where to Buy Fence Mower Parts and Accessories

For the best selection of  Fence Mower equipment, including the accessories that make them even better, customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic should trust Shank’s Lawn Equipment. Located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Shank’s Lawn Equipment is easily accessible via Interstate 81 from Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Online, ShanksLawn.com offers the same commitment to new equipment and high quality, OEM Fence Mower parts and accessories for all of the company’s most popular equipment models.

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