Fence Mower Model FM 60

Fence Mower 60The Fence Mower FM 60 was designed to serve as the best possible mower for cutting along the fence line and trimming nearly a foot in all directions away from fence posts. This task is often neglected as part of a broader landscaping effort, mostly due to a lack of the right tools to get the job done. Thanks to thoughtful design and a low-profile form factor, the FM 60 mower is able to slide underneath the fence posts, trim grass and weeds, and provide a more consistent and aesthetically pleasing cut for professional landscapers. The equipment is specifically designed to work with some of the largest tractors on the market, making it an easy and compact addition to any major model tractor already owned by a landscaping company or property owner.

Mower Features: Selling Points of the Fence Mower FM 60

Fence Mower specifically sells its FM 60 mower as a great way to clean up taller grass close to fences, where work of this sort may not have been performed for several consecutive years. The equipment is sold as an alternative to the FM 30 Fence Mower product, which was designed for smaller tractors. With this model, equipment buyers will be able to pair the model with a tractor that features a wheelbase of between 68 and 92 inches. That makes the FM 60 perfect for commercial tractors and larger models sold to amateurs. The FM 60 retains the same compact form factor as the FM 30, and shares nearly identical dimensions in every way. The equipment is just a tough larger and heavier, however, because it must be a bit taller and wider to accommodate larger tractors.

When the equipment is attached, it easily slides along the fence line and slips underneath the fence itself. This allows the mower to cut an 11-inch-wide swath on both sides of the fence at one time, speeding the task along and making sure that consistent results are applied to both sides of the fence. The equipment features a highly durable, tubular steel construction that resists dents and dings associated with lower fences, debris, or uneven terrain while mowing. The surface of the mower is powder coated for added resiliency in damp environments, giving the FM 60 another defense that keeps it in great condition many years after purchase.

To provide professional results with every pass along and under the fence line, Fence Mower’s FM 60 mower comes with a medium lift cutting blade system that will produce consistent results no matter the terrain. The medium lift system also stands grass tall, for a consistent cutting length and lawn color that will look professional when the job is finished. This cutting system is one of the most advanced options available for customers who need to cut and trim near the perimeter of any property with a larger tractor.

The Spec Sheet: A Powerful Fence Line Mower for the Professionals

The FM 60 mower shares many features and specs with the FM 30, which can be found in this model’s identical, 40-horsepower cast iron gearbox and series 4 drive line. This identical system allows the mower to augment the tractor’s power and create a powerful, consistent cutting system within the deck. A high torque drive belt system further ensures that the mower can handle any terrain or any fence line. The FM 60, as mentioned earlier, cuts a swath of 11 inches on either side of the fence, giving it a total cutting width of 22 inches. This is identical to the cutting width of the FM 30, and more generous than the cutting width of several competing mowers.

FM 60 mowers are designed to be light and easily towed. For this reason, the equipment weighs in at a moderate 600 pounds. Its overall lighter weight will place less demand on the tractor during extended mowing jobs. The FM 60 measures 60 inches wide and 72 inches long, with an overall height of 7 inches from the ground to the mower’s swing arm. This is slightly larger than the FM 30 for smaller tractors, but the added size is designed to make the equipment more suitable when towed behind the largest tractors on the market.

Find FM 60 Mowers and Parts at Shank’s Lawn Equipment

The Fence Mower FM 60 mower is an impressive piece of equipment for cutting close to fence posts and the fence line, and it’s perfectly suited for some of the largest tractor models currently on the market. To find this excellent mower, or OEM parts that can keep it in great condition for many years to come, customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region should consider Shank’s Lawn Equipment. Whether at the store in Chambersburg, PA, or online at ShanksLawn.com, it’s easy to find all of the best equipment and parts for Fence Mower products and many others.

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