Fence Mower Model FM 30

Fence MowerThe detail work required when cutting and trimming around a fence line often causes this common feature to be ignored for long stretches of time. In fact, it’s not uncommon for most homeowners or landscapers to ignore a fence line for several consecutive years, clearing and trimming the area only when they have the proper equipment and a great deal of spare time. The Fence Mower FM 30 is designed to make cutting this area a bit easier, which has a unique design that slides both alongside and underneath the fence line, giving it a precise cut that will turn it back into an aesthetically pleasing feature of any lawn or agricultural area. The FM 30 attaches to most popular tractor models, making it an easy addition to the equipment lineup for seasoned professionals with the right vehicle.

Getting the Job Done: FM 30 Fence Mower Features

Unlike many professional trimmers, the FM 30 is designed to work as an attachment to an existing tractor. The equipment’s use of an existing tractor allows it to be smaller, lower profile, and not as heavy, making transit and cargo loading a bit easier to handle for on-the-go professionals. The FM 30 is fully compatible with most popular tractor models with a wheelbase between 48 and 66 inches wide, covering the equipment used most often by professional landscapers and agricultural professionals. Thanks to its smaller size and light weight, the equipment will find a home in a larger tool shed between uses.

Fence Mower has designed their FM 30 cutter to not only be light and compact, but also to be extremely durable, so that rough conditions don’t cause damage or necessitate costly repairs. The equipment is made from steel tubing construction for added durability, giving the FM 30 a quarter-inch of wall thickness. This use of durable materials and designs will keep the equipment safe when it runs into fences, rough terrain, or any obstructions that might get in its way while cutting near the fence line. The use of solid rubber trailing wheels further enhances durability, and it gives the mower a bit of added traction and maneuverability when trimming near the fence line.

A good mower needs to be able to “self-correct” when it gets off course near the fence line, and the Fence Mower FM 30 does just that. The mower’s use of a roller track creates an even swing action that keeps the equipment in place and naturally brings it back to the fence line if it deviates from the established path. This level of accuracy is enhanced by the use of medium-lift blades. The blades produce a more even cut that lifts grass up and creates a uniform look near the fence line after trimming.

A Quick Look at the Fence Mower’s Technical Specifications

The best way to determine whether or not the FM 30 is a good fit for cutting tasks is to look at its technical specifications and see whether or not it can handle a given terrain or fence line. The equipment features a pretty impressive engine, with a 40-horsepower cast iron gear box that will power it through even the toughest cutting tasks. The FM 30 is not a narrow trimmer, but instead features a wider footprint that provides greater coverage and distance from the fence while trimming. The equipment’s 22-inch cutting width is perfect for larger areas, taller weeds, or simply more efficient trimming if the task has been pushed back for several years.

The FM 30 is lighter than most competing fence trimmers, but still weighs in at a hefty 525 pounds. Generally, this means the mower will have to be towed into a storage area rather than lifted or moved manually. The equipment measures 48 inches wide and 60 inches long, giving it a rather compact form compared to the competition. The distance from the ground to the top of the FM 30’s swing arm is just 7 inches, making this a very low-profile mower attachment for today’s tractors. Those tractors can take advantage of a three-point tractor mount built into the Fence Mower FM 30, making attachment and release easy. This standard connector is also part of Fence Mower’s commitment to cross-brand tractor compatibility.

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