Exmark’s New RED Technology: Getting More from Your Mower

Exmark’s New RED TechnologyAs commercial engines switch to electronic fuel injection, they’ve added control systems that offer engine management and diagnostic tools similar to what automakers have offered in cars for the past 30 years. Exmark took that a step further with RED technology, working with the engine’s ECU and other mower components to improve performance and make their mowers easier to use. Their second generation system adds more features and works with more models, improving performance, reducing fuel consumption, decrease wear and simplifying troubleshooting.

What is RED Technology?

In 2013, Exmark rolled out a new electronic control system for mowers equipped with Kohler EFI engines under the “RED Technology” brand. On the surface, it may have looked like nothing more than a digital gauge and hour meter, it used a control unit that works with the engine, PTO and drive system to improve efficiency and reduce wear. The new second generation system adds better controls and more functions to reduce throttle droop, identify problems before they become expensive to repair, and reduce overall running costs. It also works with more engines.

New Features

Like the first generation system, RED handles the throttle automatically. The engine can be operated in three RPM modes: Low, Efficient and Max. Low helps the mower handle wet, dense grass without deck build-up, Max provides maximum power to handle dense growth, and Efficient is perfect for normal mowing. This new update lets each mode can be used with or without the PTO engaged. The clutch saver reduces engine RPM automatically when PTO clutch engages to reduce wear and allows the deck to be engaged while in motion.

RED also has an automatic idle mode that engages when the operator leaves the seat, and a new throttle-down mode reduces RPM when mowing near objects that are easy to damage like cars, windows and landscape features before returning to the previous operating mode. If there’s a problem with the mower, like overheating, safe transport mode disengages the clutch and reduces engine speed to limp the mower back to the trailer.

The RED Control Panel

The new system has an LCD display with three multi-function buttons in place of the rocker switch on older RED control panels. During normal use, the display tracks total fuel usage, average fuel consumption per hour, and both fixed and resettable engine and PTO hour meters to keep track of maintenance.

The system also tracks machine health and displays notifications for engine and transmission oil service intervals. It also displays error and troubleshooting codes on screen for easy reference. These codes and the mower’s service history are logged, making it easy for owners and repair technicians to troubleshoot issues.

Which Models Come Equipped with RED Technology?

Second generation RED Technology is available on Lazer Z ZTR mowers with EFI-equipped Kawasaki and Kohler engines. It’s also included with Yanmar-powered Lazer Z Diesels, making this the first time RED has been available on a diesel mower. This covers a wide range of ZTRs with deck options ranging from a 52-inch constructed deck to the 96-inch flex wing deck, making this system available on mowers that fit a wide range of commercial needs.

Is an Exmark ZTR Right For You?

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is an authorized Exmark, Kohler, Yanmar and Kawasaki dealer, which means we can offer the support you need for your professional mower. If you need a new ZTR or you need your current Exmark serviced, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take Exit 10 to Marion from I81.

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