Exmark Walk-Behind Commercial Mowers: Pro Performance in a Small Package

Exmark Walk-Behind Commercial Mowers: Pro Performance in a Small PackageCommercial riding mowers are great for covering lots of ground, but sometimes you need a smaller mower to get into tight spaces. That doesn’t mean you have to settle with a residential mower. Exmark’s walk-behind mowers are built with the tall, reinforced decks and commercial-grade equipment to withstand the rigors of professional use. That means you can get into tight spaces while getting the same high-quality finish, and you don’t have to worry about frequent breakdowns.


At first glance, it’s easy to see what sets these models apart from a run-of-the-mill residential walk-behind. The mowing chamber is 5 inches deep to maximize vacuum. This gives these mowers the mulching capabilities of a commercial riding mower. Since the discharge chute is equally tall, a single blade design can be used for mulching, side discharge, and bagging.

To keep weight down without sacrificing durability, Exmark makes these decks from ¼ inch thick die-cast aluminum. Depending on the model, a complete mower weighs between 112 and 185 lbs. That’s the same or less than an equivalent steel deck residential mulching mower.

Changing the cutting height is easy thanks to Exmark’s patented height adjuster. Using a single lever, you can set the height of both the left and right front wheels at the same time. Since the rear wheels are linked by the drive axle, it only takes a few seconds to change the deck height.

Most models come from the factory with a clipping collection system that uses a bag with a 2.5-bushel bag capacity. Exmark offers a toolless mulch plug for users who frequently switch between cutting modes.

Drive System

The Commercial Series uses a variable speed drive based around a wet clutch transmission. This offers the same speed adjustment as a hydrostatic drive without the complexity. This system is easy to learn and lets the operator match the speed exactly to the terrain conditions for faster mowing.

An optional blade brake clutch cuts the connection between the blades and the engine when the operator presence bail is disengaged. That means you can step away from the mower without shutting off the engine.

Single Blade Models

Commercial 21 S-Series: This line of small mowers comes in three versions, letting you choose between a Honda GXV160, a Kawasaki FJ180V, or an FJ180V with a blade brake clutch. Each model has a 21-inch cutting deck and a top speed of 4.2 mph. Mowing height can be set from 1-4.5 inches in ½ inch increments.

Commercial 21 X-Series: This beefed-up mower adds wear strips along the sides of the deck to protect it from scrapes and bumps. Engine choices are the same as the S-Series, letting you pick between a Honda, a Kawasaki, or a Kawasaki with a blade brake.

Twin Blade Models

Commercial 30 S-Series: A 30-inch mower blade isn’t that long, but Exmark chose to split mowing duties across two blades to improve performance. In Exmark’s own tests, this twin blade system increases cutting efficiency by 40%. That means this mower performs and feels like their 21-inch models without needing more power. It even uses the same FJ180V without any discernible loss in performance. A blade brake clutch comes standard.

Power is sent to the blades using a belt drive system that can be accessed via a cover on the top of the deck. Mowing height can be set from 1-5 inches in ½ inch increments. A positive engagement transmission keeps the mower from rolling backward on hills while delivering a top speed of four miles per hour.

Commercial 30 X-Series

Unlike the 21 X-Series, this model isn’t just a more durable version of the S-Series. Instead, Exmark designed this mower specifically for tackling hilly terrain.

The Kohler CV200 Command Pro engine used in this mower provides 30% more torque than the Kawasaki. To take advantage of this power, it also comes equipped with a heavy-duty transmission. Top speed is down slightly at 3.8 mph, but this lower gearing helps the X-Series climb hills. There’s also a built-in parking brake to keep the mower from rolling on steep slopes. A blade brake clutch comes standard. Unlike the other mowers in this lineup, the clipping collection kit is optional.

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