Exmark Vantage Mower Overview

Exmark Vantage X SeriesExmark’s mowers are widely respected as some of the most capable models for both commercial landscaping companies and homeowners who are searching for the perfect, most accurate cut for their lawn all summer long. The Vantage X-Series lineup of mowers, produced by the company primarily for commercial buyers or those with significantly large residential lawns, is a further extension of this reputation. The mower comes with quite a few unique features that are designed to provide a great cut, ensure operator comfort, and contribute to a superior, highly durable mower that withstands the elements and frequent lawn mowing for years into the future.

Vantage Features: A Look at the Exmark Mowing Difference

Plenty of power equipment companies develop lawn mowers and other landscaping tools that are designed to be highly utilitarian, providing a quick cut and not much else. That’s never been the view of Exmark’s engineers and designers, however, and that can be easily seen in the Vantage series available to landscapers and homeowners. Among the most important features of this series of mowers is the entirely independent operator platform, which is padded and secured with rubber linings and fixtures designed to reduce vibration transmission, bumps and jolts, and other shocks to the system. The company’s stated goal was to provide for a full day of mowing without excessive fatigue and injury that can result from some competing models.

In addition to superior operator comfort, the Exmark Vantage series comes with the company’s unique Enhanced Control System. This system is basically the nerve center of the mower, featuring throttle and speed controls as well as other adjustments. The company spent significant time and research when developing the ECS, working to turn it into an ergonomic center of mower control that had a natural “flow” between the controls. The result is a mower that’s easier to operate, more intuitive to control, and quicker to learn.

Another key development that comes with every Vantage series Exmark mower is the enhanced hydrostatic drive system. Plenty of mowers leave out a hydrostatic transmission in the name of simpler assembly and internal parts, but that can be a mistake when the mower is designed for commercial purposes or large residential acreage. The Exmark model features a highly effective hydrostatic drive system that significantly reduces vibrations, eliminates gearshift lurching, and promotes a better ride overall. When paired with the superior operator platform, there are few mowers that offer better, longer lasting operator comfort.

A Look at the Exmark Vantage Mower’s Specs

Exmark has split its Vintage mower series into four distinct models, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some unifying specifications between these various options that bring them together. One is the relatively impressive deck size, even for the entry-level mower model. At 48 inches, it’s perfect for smaller commercial work and larger lawns. Other mowers in the series offer decks that measure 52 and 60 inches, which are two truly impressive sizes for regular use.

The company’s two smaller mowers, featuring 48-inch and 52-inch mower decks, come with Kawasaki engines that provide a significant amount of power under the hood. The company’s mower powerful 52-inch model comes with a Kohler engine, while the high-end 60-inch Vantage mower returns to Kawasaki for a truly impressive amount of horsepower for regular mowing.

Whether the engine is Kawasaki or Kohler, all four mower models come with the smooth, innovative hydrostatic transmission mentioned earlier. The transmission itself is not just a great way to make the ride smoother, but also a great way to make it significantly faster. With the aid of this hydrostatic drive system, all four of the company’s Vantage X-Series models are capable of traveling at forward speeds as fast as 8 miles per hour. Reverse speeds are half that number, at 4 miles per hour at their peak. That’s faster than the competition and quick enough to ensure that even bigger mowing jobs can be completed on or ahead of schedule.

To guard against unwanted stops and starts in the middle of bigger tasks, the Vantage mower comes with an 8-gallon fuel tank no matter which deck size is ultimately chosen by the buyer. The tank, combined with efficient engines and the smooth transmission, ensures that several hours of consecutive mowing can take place without the fuel running out and requiring a brief intermission in daily mowing tasks.

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