Exmark Turf Tracer Overview

Exmark_ Turf_Tracer_S-SeriesThe Turf Tracer is Exmark’s premier line of walk-behind commercial mowers. Turf Tracer mowers are designed to meet the challenges of the toughest users. The Turf Tracer line is divided into two series: the S-Series and X-Series.

Turf Tracer Specifications

The S-Series is slightly smaller than the X-Series, but it is highly durable. All Turf-Tracer S-Series models feature a seam-welded deck with a 10-gauge top, seven-gauge side skirts, and seven-gauge spindle mounting locations. All Turf Tracer S-Series models have an infinitely adjustable speed ranging from zero to 6.2 miles per hour. The S-Series uses a mechanical blade engagement for its power take-off (PTO) system.

The S-Series is divided into eight different models, each with slightly different specifications. The smallest S-Series models have decks 36 inches wide. These models utilize a Kawasaki FS481V that powers two blades, each 18 inches long. The S-Series also includes models with 48-inch decks; the 48-inch models use three blades, each 16.25 inches long. Engine options for the 48-inch models include the Kawasaki FS481V, the Kawasaki FS600V, and the propane-powered Kohler PCV680.

The largest of the S-Series are the models with 52-inch decks. These models use a Kawasaki FS600V to power three larger blades at 18 inches each. The Turf Tracers equipped with the Kawasaki FS600V or the Kohler PCV680 engines are equipped with electric start, while the rest are recoil started. The overall unit length of the S-Series ranges from 73.7 inches to 77.7 inches. Unit width varies between 46.7 inches and 63.5 inches. Unit weight varies between 569 pounds and 659 pounds. All S-Series units are 42 inches tall.

The X-Series is the largest walk-behind mower offered by Exmark. It offers an Ultracut Series 4 deck. It is slightly faster than the S-Series; the X-Series is capable of up to 6.75 miles per hour traveling forward and 2.25 miles per hour in reverse. All X-Series models come standard with electric start.

The X-Series is divided into nine different models with two different deck widths. The X-Series models are equipped with 52-inch or 60-inch decks. Each model is powered by a Kohler ECV650, a Kawasaki FX691V, or a propane-powered Kohler PCV680. These engines power three blades per mower. In the 52-inch models, these blades are 18 inches long, while in the 60-inch models, the blades are 20.5 inches long. All X-Series mowers are 84.8 inches long. Overall width for the 52-inch models is 64 inches while overall width for the 60-inch models is 72 inches. Weights range from 720 pounds to 840 pounds.

Features and Benefits

The Exmark Turf Tracer has several benefits common to all of its models. All Turf Tracers feature an adjustable deck height ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 inches in half-inch increments. All Turf Tracers feature Exmark’s Hydro drive system with its Enhanced Control System, resulting in effortless handling and zero-point turns. To enhance safety, all Turf Tracers feature Operator Presence Controls. If the operator wishes to leave the machine while the machine is running, he or she must first set the speed control lever to neutral and disengage the blades. This safety feature prevents injury caused by unattended machines.

The X-Series offers two key enhancements over the S-Series. Instead of using a manual lever for its PTO engagement, the X-Series uses an electromagnetic clutch, resulting in reduced operator fatigue. The X-Series also uses a heavy-duty air filtration system, ensuring greater and cleaner airflow.

Recommended Users

The Turf Tracer line is designed for heavy-duty commercial use. With its long blades, powerful engine, high top speed, and zero-point turning ability, a single operator can clear several acres in a single hour. This makes it ideal for commercial landscapers or landscapers who routinely work on larger properties. With its adjustable deck height, operators can mow uneven or generally unkempt terrain. Individual users who prefer to maintain their own properties and have significant amounts of terrain to cover will also benefit from owning a Turf Tracer.

Maintenance and Repair

Even reliable mechanical devices will eventually require some service. When any Turf Tracer mowers require service, it is important to use only original equipment parts (OEM Parts). Aftermarket components are not always constructed to the same quality standards as original equipment parts. Improperly constructed parts may be too soft or too brittle to perform their essential functions, improperly sized, or made with different coatings that can wear quickly or abrade other materials. By purchasing only OEM parts, Turf Tracer users will ensure the health and safety of their employees and equipment.

It may be difficult to find the name of the exact part that a machine needs. Shank’s Lawn Equipment not only has a full line of parts for Exmark Turf Tracer mowers but also has a convenient parts locator tool. The tool allows users to determine exactly which part they need before ordering, eliminating the possibility of ordering the wrong part.

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