Exmark Stump Grinder Model Comparison: SG200HN vs. SG390HN

ExmarkGetting rid of an unsightly stump is often a top priority for homeowners who have recently remove an old or dying tree from their lawn. This task is often easier said than done, however, with most older trees having an extensive root system that makes full removal of the stump a major headache for the average home landscaper. That’s why Exmark has developed its lineup of stump grinders. These unique power equipment tools actually grind the stump down to the root level, making it easy to reclaim an old tree’s resting place with grass instead of an unsightly remnant. The roots are left intact below the surface, preventing instability of the soil itself.
Though stump grinders have to be exceedingly powerful by design, Exmark has created two tiers of equipment that will work for homeowners with different needs after the removal of an older tree. The entry-level model is perfect for smaller stumps and less challenging tasks, while a higher-powered alternative will take down larger stumps with a bigger engine and added horsepower.

Similarities Between the Entry-Level SG200HN and Powerful SG390HN

Though these two stump grinders vary quite a bit when it comes to engine power and their ability to handle stumps of varying sizes, they share quite a few features in common that help them get the job done a bit more efficiently than competing models from other manufacturers. Both the SG200HN and the SG390HN come with four lift handles that make it a great deal easier to transport the equipment. In the case of the much heavier SG390HN, that’s pretty big benefit. Both models also come with rubber gaskets and balance control, which allows the equipment to do its job without yanking or pulling the operator inward toward the stump at all.

Both of these stump grinders come with a 9.5-inch Exmark Quadra-Blade system. The four blades power 12 separate tips that actually cut through a stump like a router, rather than beating the stump repeatedly as some other models tend to do. For operators, this means the cutting and grinding experience is a great deal smoother, and the sump will be cleanly removed with minimal debris or damage to the surrounding area. These blades are further bolstered by their ability to be easily accessed. Unlike some competing models, the blades are behind a small door that can be removed with a single wrench, requiring only a few moments of work.

Differences Between Exmark’s Powerful Stump Grinding Options

While there are plenty of features shared in common between these two stump grinders, there are also quite a few differences in terms of their engine power and traditional specifications. These differences will guide customers toward one model or the other, based on the size of the sump they need to remove and the efficiency with which they hope to remove the obstruction from their home’s lawn.

The SG200HN derives its model number from the Honda engine that powers its blades. Exmark has chosen to pair this piece of equipment with the powerful GX200 engine from Honda, which is easily one of the most powerful compact engines currently on the market. As an added bonus, this engine is also highly compact and it helps the equipment be a bit smaller and lighter overall. To that end, this model weighs in at just 110 pounds. It offers a 22-inch width and a 50-inch length, with an overall height of about 43 inches. A centrifugal clutch keeps operation smooth and operator fatigue minimal. This smaller model is capable of cutting up to 6 inches below grade with its four 9.5-inch, 12-point cutting blades.

The higher-powered SG390HN also derives its model number from its Honda engine, with this model being powered by the large GX390 option. This larger engine is actually a requirement for the larger stump grinder, since it has the ability to grind stumps even further below the lawn’s grade. With the same four-blade system found in the SG200HN, this stump grinder can handle cutting up to 11 inches below-grade and up to 14 inches above-grade. The SG390HN is only slightly wider than the entry-level model, at 29.5 inches, and comes in at roughly the same 43-inch height. Its length is significantly larger, however, measuring a total of 76 inches. Appropriately, this higher-powered stump grinder is more than double the weight of its entry-level counterpart. It weighs in at 240 pounds.

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