Exmark Stand-On Spreader/Sprayer

Exmark Stand-On Spreader/Sprayer

Need to spread seed, fertilizer and lawn chemicals? Wish there was a way to do it that was faster than walk-behind spreaders and less awkward than trailers? Then the eXmark Spreader Sprayer may be just what you need. By combining a stand-on design with a hopper and pump system, it has the maneuverability of a walk-behind without compromising speed.

Comfort and Control

This model comes with a unique lean-to-steer system. Speed is controlled like a stander mower, combining a lever with two grab handles. However, instead of using individual motor control, power is varied left-to-right by tilting the handle assembly. This allows all movement to be controlled with one hand while the other hand is free to make adjustments to the sprayer and hopper.

With no need to worry about a deck, eXmark was able to fit the front with 13 x 6.5-6 turf tires instead of the usual small casters. In the back, a Tuff Torq transmission drives a set of 18 x 7.5-8 tires. The Spreader Sprayer can reach a top speed of 5.5 mph going forward and 4 mph in reverse. Big tires also give a softer ride, further improved by isolation mounts used to hold the stainless steel operator platform.

Thanks to light power requirements, this model is powered by a 9 hp Subaru EX27. While small, this overhead cam single cylinder has all the features you expect from a commercial engine and is backed by the longest warranty in the industry.

Altogether, this equipment keeps the Spreader Sprayer small and light at 67.5 inches long, 35.5 inches wide and a curb weight of 500 lbs. Wide contact patches at all four corners minimize scrubbing, even on wet turf, and it can pass through all but the smallest gates.


A 20-gallon tank wraps around the operator’s feet. It’s attached to a Remco pump driven by a two hp electric motor, delivering liquid to a set of spray nozzles directly ahead of the front wheels. Both the sprayer and hopper can be running at the same time, applying seed and fertilizer in one pass.

A built-in agitation system mixes chemicals and keeps them in suspension. Even dry powders stay mixed, so they end up on the lawn, not pasted against the walls of the tank.

The sprayer has two modes. In broadcast mode, it sprays in an 11-foot wide pattern, delivering 0.69 GPM of chemicals at 30 psi or 0.80 GPM at 40 psi. In narrow mode, it sprays a 5-foot wide stream at a rate of 0.35 GPM at 30 psi or 0.40 GPM at 40 psi. There’s also an on-board wand that’s kept next to the control panel. This lets the operator spray edges and around trees and bushes without having to get off of the machine.


The front-mounted hopper holds 175 lbs, and the top of the spray tank is shaped to hold an additional 50 lb. bag. eXmark offers three sizes of grates for the bottom of the hopper to match the seed or pellet size you’re applying.

Drop rate is adjusted using a knob just below the hopper. From there, everything else is set from the operator’s position. A deflector shield can be lowered to keep the product off of driveways and sidewalks, and delivery to the spinner can be altered to get the right distribution pattern. The spinner can be set to the desired speed then switched on and off as needed. Two distribution settings can be set up, letting you switch between seeding and pellet fertilizing throughout the day.


eXmark guarantees the Spreader Sprayer for one year of commercial use with no hour limit. Subaru guarantees the engine for 5 years.

Ready to Add a Stander Sprayer to Your Fleet?

If you’re looking to buy some eXmark equipment or have it serviced, visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We’re a certified dealer for eXmark and Subaru Power, and we have over 30 years of experience helping professional landscapers with their equipment. To learn more, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion and drive one mile East.

Not in the area? We can ship parts and accessories for your eXmark to any address in the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit us online at www.shankslawn.com.

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