Exmark Stand-On Mower

Exmark Stand-On Mower

When it comes to stand-on mowers, it’s hard to beat Exmark’s Vantage S-Series. Standers give you a better view of the area you’re mowing and better traction than regular ZTRs, making them a great choice for hilly landscapes and obstacle-filled lawns. Exmark’s standers go a step further, adding features that make them more versatile including a walk-behind mode, an adjustable speed governor and a wide choice of engines including EFI and propane options.

Easier Control for All Situations

The operator stands on a rubber-padded platform with a weight compensation system. This lets them shift their weight when on hills to stay stable. The thigh pad offers plenty of support but won’t get in the way when folding up the platform for storage.

With the platform tilted up, the Vantage can be used as a walk-behind mower for low-speed maneuvers around landscape features. To make control easier in this mode or when tackling steep slopes, Exmark includes an adjustable front reference bar that puts a limit on the mower’s top speed. The PTO, starter and other controls are mounted at a slant ahead of the levers, making them easy to see and reach.

The mower is controlled just like a lap bar ZTR with a pair of levers mounted next to the grab bar. These operate 12 cubic inch Parker hydraulic motors connected to 10cc Hydro-Gear pumps. This system is able to propel these mowers to a top speed of 8 mph going forward and up to 4 mph in reverse.


All S-Series mowers come with an UltraCut deck. 36-inch models use two blades, while 48, 52 and 60-inch models use three blades.

The deck is constructed using a 10 gauge steel top plate paired with 7 gauge spindle reinforcements and 7 gauge side skirts. The blades mount to Exmark’s signature maintenance-free sealed spindles. The deck height can be set between one and 5 inches high in quarter inch increments. A spring assist system and long handle make it easy to adjust the height from the operator’s position.


Vantage standers with a 36-inch deck are powered by a Kawasaki FS Series producing 15 hp. This compact engine delivers commercial performance in a package that’s small enough for compact equipment like this mower.

A 22 hp Kawasaki FX Series is available for both 48 and 52-inch decks. The big brother of the FS, it adds an improved air filtration system that keeps the engine clean, even when working on dusty lawns or chopping up leaves.

Mowers with 52 and 60-inch decks are available with the Kohler Command Pro EFI. Its fuel injection system decreases fuel consumption and all but eliminates throttle droop. A 23 hp engine is used with 52-inch decks, while 60-inch mowers get a 25 hp engine. A 24 hp version that runs on propane is also available with both deck sizes for those looking to cut emissions and fuel costs.

Gas-powered mowers come with an 8-gallon fuel tank with a single cap and a float gauge. It’s mounted between the operator station and engine. Propane models use a 33.5 lb. tank mounted over the right fender.

Accessories to Fit Your Mowing Needs

A three-bushel bagger kit is available for all non-propane models. The bag fits directly over the side discharge, so there’s no hose to clog. The Micro-mulch kit comes with high lift blades and deck baffles to get maximum vacuum. This keeps clippings airborne so they can be chopped into small, digestible pieces. An operator-controlled discharge door is also available to switch between mulching and either bagging or side discharge on the fly. Want to make it easier to access the blades for sharpening? Exmark makes a jack and receiver specifically for these decks.

Exmark also offers accessories to tailor these mowers for specific needs. Plan on using your stander on hilly lawns? Adding a weight kit keeps the mower stable on slopes. Want to work early or late? Add a light kit. There’s also a trash container give the operator to throw garbage while mowing, while a cup holder keeps drinks on hand for hot days.

When You Need Professional Equipment, Turn to the Experts

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has been in the outdoor equipment business since 1984. We’re a certified dealer for Exmark and every engine manufacturer they work with, so we can provide you with the parts and support you need. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-81 via Exit 10.

We also ship parts and accessories for Exmark equipment across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit us online at www.shankslawn.com.

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