Exmark Slicer Seeder Overview

Exmark_20_Slicer_Seeder_StudioThe key to great curb appeal for any home is to have a thick, lush cover of grass throughout the year. Perhaps the best way to make sure this is the case is to invest in something like the Exmark Slicer Seeder, which actually uses several innovative methods to cut through the ground and place seeds at both the proper depth and length apart for ultimate success. The equipment is the result of years of engineering by Exmark, as the company worked to create a product that was as compact and durable as it was effective in creating healthier, better-looking lawns. For those homeowners looking to boost their lawn’s thickness and health, the Exmark Slicer Seeder is a natural fit.

Thoughtful Features for a Better Landscaping Experience

The signature of an Exmark landscaping purchase is a piece of equipment that simply offers more user-friendly features than the competition. That’s certainly true with the company’s Slicer Seeder, which packs a bunch of features into a relatively small package. Perhaps the most exciting of these features is the speed-based speeding mechanism. Exmark’s engineers know that most homeowners don’t maintain a perfectly consistent speed as they slice through their lawns’ existing turf and thicken it with new seeding. To make sure that speed doesn’t affect how closely seeds are planted to each other, this speed-based mechanism actively adapts where and how frequently new seeds are placed.

Another great development with this model is its base, which is wider and differently designed than competing models. This was done on purpose: A wider base helps the equipment remain stable even on steep grades and hillsides, avoiding tipping that can injured the operator or at least place seeds at a shallow depth that isn’t optimal for long-term success. This wider base is also slightly heavier, but not unwieldy. Again, the justification is purely pragmatic: The Slicer Seeder is designed not only to seed the lawn, but also to cut through any existing thatch that might otherwise prevent seeds from successfully turning into new blades of grass.

Exmark has been sure to focus on power and material quality as well. The Slicer Seeder comes with high-carbon steel that is simply harder to dent, ding, or destroy in any way. It’s also a bit more resistant to corrosion, making it a logical choice for outdoor areas where contact with moisture is a given. The included Subaru EX27 engine powers the slicers and makes sure that the Slicer Seeder can make its way through thatch or challenging grades just as easily as it handles flat terrains and barren landscapes.

Specifications are Right on Target for the Slicer Seeder

The Exmark Slicer Seeder offers 20 inches of blades and seeding mechanisms for today’s homeowners, powered by the aforementioned Subaru EX27 engine that puts out a significant amount of horsepower. Seeding is backed by a whopping 40-pound hopper, ensuring that homeowners won’t have to regularly stop their seeding to refill seeds under most conditions. Of course, very large lawns might require such an intermission but they’re generally not the target audience for this particular piece of equipment.

The Slicer Seeder can cut through the ground up to 1 inch below the surface, even if there is a significant amount of thatch involved. That’s pretty impressive, and it easily outpaces competing options from several other major manufacturers. Operating the equipment is pretty easy, and Exmark has worked to reduce both vibrations and operator fatigue through the inclusion of an electric clutch. The Slicer Seeder’s large tires also help reduce vibrations, and they’re adept at handling uneven landscapes and steeper grades common to many homes across the country.

All told, the equipment measures just about 30 inches across and is easily stored in most home garages or existing tool sheds. Thanks to its deliberately heavier weight up front, and its rather sizeable engine, the Slicer Seeder weighs in at 260 pounds. That weight will, of course, increase when seeds are placed in the Slicer Seeder’s rather large hopper. With the handle folded down, the Slicer Seeder has a height of 28 inches and a length of 27 inches, reinforcing how easy it is to store the equipment in a small amount of space. The extended handle increases the equipment’s size to 45 inches high and 52 inches long.

ShanksLawn.com is a Great Resource for Exmark Slicer Seeders

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has a great deal of experience selling and supporting Exmark offerings like the Slicer Seeder. With an extensive lineup of OEM parts, and a large selection of Slicer Seeders readily in stock, consumers have plenty of options when it comes to making their lawn greener, healthier, and more sustainable overall. As with all pieces of landscaping equipment, be sure to get started sooner rather than later for quick and optimal results that last well into the future.

If you are in the Adams, Cumberland or Franklin County PA area, be sure to get in touch with Shank’s Lawn Equipment right away to find OEM replacement parts, get service tips, and arrange an appointment for any required power washer maintenance.


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