eXmark Rotary Broom

eXmark Rotary Broom

If you have problems keeping sidewalks and driveways free of debris and precipitation, a rotary broom may be just what you need. eXmark’s Power Broom combines snowblower-style controls with bristles that remove snow without damaging pavement. Add a few attachments, and it can also be used for dethatching and leaf cleanup, making it useful throughout the year.

Precision Control from Clearing to Transport

At first glance, eXmark’s patented design looks like they come from a snowblower. However, it splits control of the hydrostatic drive for unparalleled control. The shift lever has 6 positions for forward motion and two for reverse to set the base speed. From there, trigger controls allow for small steering adjustments to hug curbs and obstacles. The drive and broom engage independently using the levers over the grips for quick switches between operation and transport.

There are two more levers next to the handles to change the broom angle. This power system can swivel the broom 20 degrees to the left or right to push debris and snow away from the pavement.


The Power Broom uses a 7 hp Kohler Command Pro CH270 engine. It may be a small single cylinder, but it comes with the features and build quality needed for commercial use.

Debris removal can be dusty, so this engine comes with a cyclonic air box that pre-filters incoming air, reducing wear and maintenance on the filter elements. The intake on this box can be rotated by hand to aim outside the engine or toward the engine’s cooling fins to decrease warm-up times. It also comes with Kohler’s Oil Sentry system, which cuts the ignition if the oil level is too low, protecting internal components from damage. Filters in the filler neck, tank, and carburetor remove debris from fuel and a water trap reduces moisture contamination.


The bristles are mounted on a set of discs, creating a broom that is 36 inches wide and 25-inch diameter. When in operation, the broom spins at 200 RPM.

The broom comes from the factory fitted with eXmark’s concrete/snow bristles. These are engineered for abrasion resistance against concrete without damaging the surface. A pair of casters support the broom and can be adjusted in 1/8 increments to get the right amount of ground contact as the bristles wear down.

Accessories for Year-Round Use

Turf bristle discs replace the aggressive concrete discs, letting this broom be used for dethatching. The turf caster kit adds wider wheels, spreading out the weight of the broom for less damage when operating on grass.

For winter use, chains can be added to the rear tires, while installing a cab protects the operator from wind and snow. Snow removal often can’t wait for daylight, so eXmark offers a light kit for night time operation.

The debris box mounts to the front of the broom, picking up dust and leaves as they’re pushed up by the bristles.


The Power Broom is guaranteed by eXmark for one year of commercial use. Kohler backs the Command Pro engine with a three-year commercial warranty.

Getting Parts and Service for the eXmark Power Broom

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is more than an eXmark dealer: we’ve helped everyone from homeowners to municipal customers with their outdoor equipment for over three decades. If you think the eXmark Power Broom can help you with cleanup or you need your equipment serviced, stop by our shop. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-80 — just take Exit 10 to Marion.

Not in the area? We ship parts and accessories for eXmark and many other popular equipment brands across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit us online at www.shankslawn.com.

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