Exmark Rotary Broom Overview

Exmark_Rotary_BroomOne of the hardest things to clean up throughout the winter is the residual snow and ice that can often remain, even after a powerful snowblower has dispersed much of the icy accumulation to other areas around the driveway or home walkways. That’s because snowblowers are designed not to brush away snow, but to scrape the surface and discharge anything that can be “scooped” into the intake chute. Clearing a surface more effectively often falls to a rotary broom, which can swoop in after a snowblower has passed over the same surface and make sure that any icy or snowy remains are done away with permanently.
The equipment is also excellent at handling other messes, like mud and sand, using the same broom-like technology that helps throughout the winter. Exmark’s offering to customers in this area is easily one of the best, driven by a great engine and a relatively compact size in relation to competing models.

Thoughtful Design and Features are a Boon to Consumers

Exmark has earned a reputation as one of the most thoughtful companies when it comes to designing home landscaping and maintenance equipment. Generally, that’s because the company’s products blend pure power with smaller size, operator-centric design, and more durable materials than competing options. That’s definitely true with the Rotary Broom offered to the company’s dedicated buyers, which is designed to stand the test of time and get the job done without inflicting very many hardships on users.

The first thing that should be mentioned about the Exmark Rotary Boom is that it comes with a unique broom design that brushes the surface without damaging it. That might sound like a common-sense feature, but it’s something that’s lacking in far too many competing options. The broom is actually designed with a more flexible material, allowing it to brush over driveways and walkways, but also lawns and other softer areas, without tearing up grass and other plants. While no one is likely to use a rotary broom on the lawn, the occasional brush with grass isn’t unheard of when clearing away a particularly deep accumulation of icy precipitation.

Of course, if someone did want to us the Rotary Broom on their lawn, Exmark wouldn’t be one to stop them. In fact, the company actually designed the equipment to double as a lawn dethatcher in instances where consumers have a particularly large and open patch of turf that needs to be quickly handled and brought back to life. Additionally, the broom’s unique design makes it perfect for mud buildup and sand clearing, depending on local weather conditions and soil types.

A Kohler engine powers the equipment easily, while the included transmission has been fine-tuned so that shifting and maneuvering the equipment results in fewer vibrations and less operator fatigue overall. Exmark has also included integrate tie-downs for when the equipment must be trailered, and has thoughtfully designed the Rotary Broom with a reinforced handle that won’t flex or transmit vibrations like competing models otherwise would.

Great Specs for Home and Commercial Customers

Exmark’s Rotary Broom comes with the right specs to handle both commercial and residential jobs. It all starts with the engine, provided by Kohler. The Command Pro CH270 spins the rotary broom and allows the equipment to travel forward with relative ease. It’s backed by a friction disc transmission that gives customers the ability to choose between six forward speeds and two reverse speeds. This flexibility makes it easier than ever to get a job done as quickly or as slowly as the terrain demands.

The rotary broom itself is 36 inches long and 25 inches in diameter. The equipment comes with 18 separate “wafers,” each of which is its own broom. Each wafer can be individually serviced or replaced in the event of a problem, making the Exmark Rotary Broom a bit more affordable to maintain over the long-term.

The sizable footprint of the Exmark Rotary Broom does increase its overall heft. All told, the equipment comes in at a pretty weighty 350 pounds. Though heavy, the powerful engine more than makes up for the weight and is capable of handling a wide variety of terrains and circumstances. Trailering is made easy by a powerful transmission and the built-in tie-downs mentioned earlier. Overall, the Rotary Broom is a capable, all-season piece of equipment that will find a home in larger garages or tool sheds maintained by homeowners or commercial landscapers.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Has the Equipment Customers Need

ShanksLawn.com has been helping landscaping customers since 1984. The company has a full lineup of Exmark landscaping products, including the popular Rotary Broom that makes seasonal cleanup a breeze.

In addition, Shank’s Lawn Equipment has an online parts lookup tool and a broad number of OEM Exmark parts that will boost regular maintenance and durability for as long as the equipment remains in use. If you are in the Waterfall PA or Wells Tannery PA, area please stop by – to visit with an expert or just to say hi.

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