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Exmark_Lazer_Z_DS-SeriesConsumers who choose an Exmark mower for it’s power and durability are making a great choice, but they might be missing out on one of the most important features of any Exmark lawn mower: The vast number of accessories available to make each mowing task even easier or more aesthetically pleasing throughout the summer months and beyond. The company’s lineup of accessories and hardware add-ons is perfect for creating excellent lawn striping patterns, protecting operators from the midday sun, mulching, and much more. For those consumers currently in the market for an Exmark riding mower, or those looking to extend the functionality of a mower they already own, some really great options are available from the company’s network of authorized dealers.

Exmark’s Turf Striper Attachment

For some people, watching a sporting event is all about the game. For landscapers, it’s probably largely about the turf. That’s where the Turf Striper attachment becomes essential. Available for the vast majority of Exmark Lazer riding mowers, the Turf Striper is designed to make it much easier to create various striping patterns on a home’s lawn.

The attachment is easy to install and can be easily adjusted to work with virtually any cutting pattern or aesthetic preference. In just a few minutes’ time, homeowners will be able to turn their everyday lawn into something that looks more at home in a Major League Baseball stadium.

The Micro-Mulch System

Tired of excessively large grass clippings lying atop the lawn after finishing the week’s mowing job? Plenty of homeowners suffer from this common aesthetic nuisance, and Exmark has been working to reduce its occurrence on lawns across the country. That’s why the company developed the Micro-Mulch System for use with its riding mowers.

With three independent mulchers and a system that focuses on turning clippings into a very fine material, all grass or debris much is finely distributed, evenly across the soil and well below the surface. Clippings become virtually invisible with the system installed, and grass benefits from the nutrients that are transferred back into the ground as a result.

The Exmark Light Kit

Mowing in the dark is certainly not easy, and many times it’s not even possible. For those who prefer to mow after the sun has gone down and the heat of the day has subsided, Exmark’s mounted light kit provides two 35W halogen bulbs that can illuminate the immediate path of the mower. That makes it easy to mow at dawn or dusk, as well as the later hours of the evening, and it’s especially useful as the days get shorter toward the end of the summer season.

Quest Sun Shade

In lieu of mowing after dark, many Exmark riding mower owners might want to consider the available Quest Sun Shade attachment for the company’s riding mowers. Working in conjunction with the existing rollover protection system, the Quest system provides a small roof above the mower that effectively blocks out the brightest and hottest of the sun’s rays.

While it can’t defeat high humidity levels at the peak of the summer season, the shade is a great way to reduce the risk of sunburn, stay hydrated for a longer period of time, and avoid some of the most damaging risks of overexposure to heat or sunlight.

Navigator Snow Blower

To get the best bang for one’s buck, it’s usually a good idea to transform summer’s lawn mower into a snow blower than can handle the biggest storms of the winter season. That’s where the Navigator Snow Blower attachment becomes absolutely essential. The attachment adds a full-size, 48-inch snow blower to the front of the lawn mower. With easy mounts and durable construction, the attachment is easily one of the best and most affordable ways to clear driveways, dig cars out from underneath a mound of snow, and even clear larger walkways that are crucial to homes, businesses, and other areas.

Quest 2-Bag Collection System

While mulching is a great way to reduce the presence of clippings from the lawn, a bag collection system is even more effective. Quest has developed a great accessory for Exmark’s riding mowers, with a two-bag collection system that can actually trap clippings before they’re placed back into the lawn. Best of all, the dual-bag setup means that clippings can be collected for a longer period of time before mowing has to be interrupted to discard them in an approved waste container.

Check Out More Exmark Accessories at Shanks Lawn Equipment

Exmark maintains great relationships with a nationwide network of retailers, and Shanks Lawn Equipment is one of the best dealers for current or future Exmark owners. The company carries not only an extensive lineup of Exmark’s actual mowers, but also the perfect collection of accessories to meet each season’s needs. From mulchers to snow blowers and beyond, consumers will find the attachments and add-ons they need at Shank’s Lawn Equipment. If you find yourself near the Hancock MD or Falling Waters WV area, and you’re interested in finding out more about Exmark Accessories, stop by Shanks Lawn Equipment.

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