Exmark RED: An Onboard Intelligence Platform

REDThere’s a common perception among most consumers that mowing the lawn is a decidedly low-tech affair, involving traditional engines and power equipment setups that leave very little room for innovative new technologies. This perception doesn’t line up with reality, however, in many cases. One of the best examples of landscaping meeting with the benefits of enhanced technology can be found in Exmark’s new RED Technology system for mower monitoring and efficiency increases. The system was designed with extensive research into how traditional EFI procedures could be optimized for better fuel consumption and long-term efficiency improvements that can extend the life of the mower and make regular maintenance easier to pursue.

The Details: Why the RED System Enhances Exmark Mowers Across the Board

Prior to the development of the RED system by Exmark engineers, most fuel efficiency systems in mowers were operated using a spring-loaded mechanical governor that adjusted fuel consumption and power based on the mower’s overall load during active use. It could be slow to respond, wasting fuel during key load changes and providing only slightly enhanced fuel efficiency during larger mowing routines. While good, it wasn’t great. Engineers at Exmark sought to improve upon its performance.

That’s where the Exmark RED system really comes in. It’s designed to pursue the same type of fuel economy improvements, but it does so by using a computer-based electronic governor instead of a spring-loaded mechanical governor that was common place before onboard computers were affordable or practical in this setting. The result is that the company’s RED-equipped mowers save significantly more fuel than mowers with similar, competing engines. In fact, studies have shown the RED system can improve fuel economy as much as 40 percent. That means a savings of thousands of dollars for homeowners or commercial landscapers who own an RED Technology equipped mower.

RED is also designed to enhance regular mower maintenance and overall longevity. It does this by actively monitoring engine temperatures and fuel levels, alerting mower operators if a problem occurs during mowing. If necessary, the system can actually turn off some systems if a problem is simply too dire to permit continued mowing without performing key repairs or periodic maintenance.

Features: The Developments that Make RED a Useful Component

The RED onboard intelligence platform can generally be broken down into a few key features or components, each of which is designed to provide a real and lasting benefit to either the mower’s fuel efficiency or its long-term durability under heavy stress and during times of heavy usage. Customers looking to justify the use of this onboard platform should understand each of these key components before pursuing it.

Fuel Efficiency

In addition to implementing a far more effective EFI system, the RED onboard intelligence platform offers operators three new modes of mower transport and active blade engagement. These modes are broken down into low, efficient, and high. The “high” mode allows the mower’s engine to run at peak RPMs, maintaining peak power throughout the mowing task for times when consistent power is required. The “efficient” setting allows for adaptable RPMs that increase or decrease based on periods of need, while “low” keeps the blades spinning relatively slowly at a pace that’s perfect for dense, longer grass or wet areas of the lawn.

The Clutch Saver

One of the most common repairs required of any riding mower, whether it’s an Exmark model or not, typically concerns a repair or replacement of the mower’s clutch. The Clutch Saver feature of the RED system makes sure that this occurs less often overall, and it does this by lowering the engine RPMs momentarily when the clutch engages and disengages. By slightly altering the RPMs required for each action, the Clutch Saver system is able to extend the useful life of a clutch while make the ride smoother and maintaining better fuel efficiency overall.

System Monitoring

Engine temperature, oil pressure, oil levels and other key maintenance concerns are monitored actively while the system is engaged. If anything goes awry during mowing, the RED system will try to compensate, protecting the mower and guarding against scenarios that might lead to more costly repairs or parts replacements.

Where to Find Exmark’s RED Technology

Exmark is making its RED onboard intelligence system available in an increasingly large number of its mowers, both for commercial landscaping customers and for homeowners who simply value more efficient operation and better long-term maintenance monitoring. So far, the system has been integrated into at least a handful of the company’s mowers and each of those models can be found at Shank’s Lawn Equipment.

The company has dozens of years of experience in the industry, and their experience will be a great tool for those consumers who need help picking out the perfect mower, learning the RED difference, and implementing the RED system’s maintenance and efficiency improvements into their existing landscaping routine.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment, which has been in the power equipment industry since 1984, has a vast selection of Exmark OEM replacement parts, and coupled with the online parts lookup tool, Shank’s Lawn Equipment makes it easy to find the right part and receive it quickly.  If you are in the Franklin County and Fulton PA area, stop by to visit our store location and our knowledgeable staff.

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