Exmark Radius line of commercial ZTRs – X-Series

Exmark Radius X-SeriesWant a mower big enough for the toughest commercial jobs that’s also easy to own? The Exmark Radius X combines some of the best engines and hydraulic components on the market with the company’s trademark features to create a ZTR that is easy to both maintain and operate.

Power and Speed

All Radius X mowers are powered by a Kawasaki FX Series engine. These commercial grade motors have a full pressure lubrication system with an oil cooler and a canister-style air filter to keep temperatures and dirt at bay for reliable performance hour after hour.

Motivation is provided by a pair of Hydro Gear ZT3400 hydrostatic transmissions which can propel the X Series to a top speed of 10 mph going forward and 6 mph in reverse. These transmissions have an external oil filter and built-in shock valves for easy maintenance and a long life. On the deck side, power is transferred from the engine by a MagStop PTO clutch rated at 125 lb-ft.

Cutting Deck

The Exmark UltraCut Series 4 is constructed using 10 gauge steel for the top plate to provide rigidity for the blade spindles, while a 7 gauge side skirt resists bangs and bumps. It’s set up from the factory for side discharge, but it can also be used for mulching. Add the Ultravac bagging system, and clippings will be drawn through an impeller to be deposited into a set of rear-mounted bags, compacting debris to hold more with each load while maintaining cutting performance.

Features to Make Your Life Easier

Where the Radius X really shines is its attention to detail, eliminating common nuisances you may have experienced with other ZTRs.

The mower needs to hug the terrain to get an even cut, and that can mean a bumpy ride. The Radius X’s seat rides on a suspension with three inches of travel, keeping those shocks away from the operator for all day comfort.

The deck can be set to a height between 1 and 5 inches using a foot lever and a clearly laid out diagram. Instead of moving an unmarked lever and hoping for the best, this system lets you see exactly where the deck is, makes it easy to return to your preferred height after raising the deck to clear obstacles

Need to perform an engine tune up? Exmark packages everything you need for engine maintenance into a single kit. Want to make sure the engine runs cool? Kawasaki builds their FX series engine with clean out ports to keep dust and dirt off of the fins, while a rotating steel guard keeps clippings from being drawn through the flywheel fan.

The UltraCut deck uses Exmark’s exclusive sealed bearing spindles, which means one less area to lubricate. Replacing broken and worn belts is easy thanks to a deck top and belt shields that can be removed without tools.


Exmark makes three versions of the Radius X, giving you a choice of deck widths with engines to match:

A 48-inch deck with an FX651V producing 20.5 hp
A 52-inch deck with an FX691V producing 22 hp
A 60-inch deck with an FX730V producing 23.5 hp


Exmark offers a sunshade that attaches to the ROPS bar, and a trash bag can be added so you have a convenient place to put cans, bottles and other debris that can get in the way of your mowing.

The deck can be set up for mulching with a baffle kit that keeps clippings in the mowing chamber until they’re cut down to size, while a striping kit provides a ballpark-style finish.

Want easy access to the bottom of the deck without the expense of an electric lift? Exmark offers a mechanical jack that fits the edge of the side skirt, giving you quick access to the blades.


Exmark covers the Radius X with a 500-hour warranty for the bags, belts and tires, and four year/1,000 operation hour warranty on everything else outside of the battery and engine. Kawasaki guarantees FX Series motors for three years with no hour limit.

Where to Get Parts for the Exmark Radius X

Keeping your Exmark operational is just as easy as using it thanks to Shank’s Lawn Equipment. Our experience staff and massive parts stock helps us service your mower quickly so you can keep working. Visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s just off Route 11, or you can drive in from I-81 by taking Exit 10 to Marion.

Not in the area? We ship parts and accessories for these mowers across the U.S. and Canada. Visit us on the web at www.shankslawn.com.

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