Exmark Radius line of commercial ZTRs – E-Series

Exmark Radius E-SeriesEvery commercial mower manufacturer brags about reliability, but what if you want a ZTR that is both reliable and easy to care for? After all, downtime can make a huge difference to your bottom line. The Radius E-Series is built with this in mind, delivering commercial cut quality and durability together with unique features that can help you keep your mower working.

An Engine Built Specifically for ZTRs

To ensure the durability, performance and easy maintenance of their mowers, Exmark spent over four years developing a V-Twin powerplant with extensive testing both on dynos and in real world conditions. First debuting on some of their Quest mowers in 2015, this commercial grade 708 cc motor was built specifically with ZTR mowers in mind. It has a wide powerband with a peak output of 24.5 hp, but where this motor really shines is its focus on easy maintenance and operation.

The choke is set manually, but vacuum pressure will open the choke automatically as the engine warms up, keeping it running smoothly. The quick drain system replaces the drain plug with a long hose that snaps into mounts on the side of the motor. This allows the oil to be changed without needing tools: just detach the hose, which is long enough to go past the frame and body to eliminate drips, and let the oil flow out. Once the motor is empty, the automotive-style filter can be twisted off and replaced. The fill cap is even designed to require just a quarter turn to remove and install.

The air box uses a hinged cover, making it easy to inspect the filter element. The element will only fit the correct way, and if it isn’t perfectly lined up, it will be aligned and sealed onto the intake when the cover is closed. The bottom of the box has three intakes ports that pass through a sloped chamber, letting dust slide off before it can reach the filter, reducing maintenance. Airflow is generated by fins on the flywheel. It’s also the only engine of its type on the market with a dual barrel carburetor, ensuring even air and fuel flow to both cylinders.

The engine cover is attached with 6 bolts. Once removed, the carburetor and coils are easy to access, and the cooling fins can be cleaned off with compressed air. Have a dead battery? There’s a negative lug on the motor for hooking up jumper cables or a battery charger.

An automotive-style angled cylinder head increases power, while a 5 bolt head attachment system with an extra wide sealing surface ensures durability. Thick cast iron cylinder liners allow the cylinders to be rebored for an engine rebuild. Air cavities between the pushrods and cylinder improve cooling, while a governor with three weights provides quick response to handle load changes. The oil pump is mounted at the bottom of the engine so it can maintain oil pressure even if the oil level is a little low.

There’s a tag on the motor identifying the engine part number and serial number, and these numbers are also stamped into the block in case the tag gets damaged. Need repair information? There’s a QR code that will let you quickly bring up the service manual on your smartphone.

Speed and Cut

A lot of development went into the motor, but the rest of the mower has the same attention to detail. Motivation is provided by a pair of Hydro-Gear ZT2800 transaxles with charge pumps, relief valves and independent, replaceable filters, ensuring they’ll last just as long as the engine. They can move the Radius E to a top speed of 8 mph when going forward and 5 mph in reverse.

The E-Series uses an UltraCut Series 3 constructed deck. It has a 10 gauge top plate and a 7 gauge skirt, while the blades are mounted to maintenance free spindles. A foot-controlled deck lift makes it easy to raise the deck to get over obstacles or put in the transport position. The mower comes from the factory set up for side discharge, but can also be equipped for mulching or bagging. Exmark offers the E Series with 48, 52 and 60-inch decks.

Parts and Service

When you need to fix something on your E-Series, visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We’re a certified Exmark dealer with decades of experience helping owners get the most out of their equipment. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s just off Rt. 11. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion.

Not in the area? We can still supply you with all the parts you need to keep your Exmark working, whether you live in the U.S. or Canada. Visit us on the web at www.shankslawn.com.

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