Exmark Pioneer S-Series Mower Overview

Pioneer_S-Series_StudioExmark’s reputation in the commercial landscaping industry is second to none, and that’s generally due to the company’s attention to detail when engineering new products and creating new lawn mowers that get work done more efficiently and with greater safety. That’s certainly the case with the Pioneer S-Series mowers, which make it easier to cover a large amount of ground in minimal time. Furthermore, these mowers are equipped with large decks and an innovative rollover protection system that doubles as a tree limb guard during routine mowing. For those considering Exmark as their next commercial lawn mower purchase, there are numerous reasons to choose the Pioneer S-Series over competing options currently available from other manufacturers.

Go Big or Go Home: Outsized Mowing Decks are Good for Operations

While residential customers are typically focused on how compact their riding mower is, commercial landscapers generally would prefer a larger piece of equipment so that they can minimize how long it takes to cut even the largest lawns on behalf of their clients. This is something that Exmark understands quite well, and it’s why the company currently offers its Pioneer S-Series mowers in a variety of deck sizes that can accommodate all kinds of professional landscaping businesses. The smallest mower in this class includes a 44-inch cutting deck with Exmark’s UltraCut technology. UltraCut is designed to produce a more even, precise cut than prior mowers could do on their own.

For those who would prefer an upgraded size, the Exmark Pioneer S-Series comes with several other decks. A 48-inch deck is available at the lower end of the spectrum, while those with the need for even more size will appreciate the company’s 52-inch deck. The highest-end deck currently available for the Pioneer S-Series riding mower is 60 inches in width, designed to handle athletic fields and vast outdoor spaces with ease. All mowing decks come with UltraCut technology.

Performance Beyond Cutting: Key Features for Commercial Operators

While size and efficiency both matter to commercial landscapers, there are other features that set the Pioneer S-Series riding mower apart from its competitors. Chief among these is the powerful engine and drive system featured with the mower, which allows it to travel at a forward speed of up to 8 miles per hour. This translates to roughly 5.5 acres of cutting per hour, making this mower one of the quickest and most productive from any commercial manufacturer.

The mower features a rollover protection system that is chiefly designed to ensure operator safety. It goes above and beyond the call of duty, however, with a unique design that features a rear-sloping shape. This unique shape is designed to keep branches and brush away from operators as they mow close to trees, hedges, and other objects around the lawn.

Finally, the mower features a fine-tuned seat that keeps operators safe from fatigue during particularly long mowing tasks. With unique coils and a structured seat design, the seat itself actually absorbs a significant amount of engine vibration and keeps it away from the operator during mower use. Greater comfort is key to greater productivity, and the unique seat design found on this model ensures both.

Specifications for Exmark Pioneer Mower Buyers

There are quite a few Exmark Pioneer S-Series models currently available to commercial landscapers, and the exact specifications of each model will be somewhat different based on its design, cutting deck size, and other factors. Even so, there are a few unifying specifications to be found across the board with this particular mower. The most important of these unifying characteristics is the inclusion of a Kawasaki engine on all available Pioneer S-Series mowers. These engines offer between 651cc and 747cc of displacement during regular use, making them particularly powerful.

All of the Pioneer S-Series mowers come with a Hydro-Gear ZT3400 hydrostatic transmission, which is a key part of ensuring fuel efficiency and operator comfort during routine use. Thanks to smoother operation, easier steering, and better handling, operators will be able to get their work done a bit more quickly and with less overall fatigue when compared to lower-end transmissions found in other models. The engine and transmission draw their power from an included, 7-gallon fuel tank, which is a pretty impressive size for even the largest of the Pioneer S-Series models on the market.

It all wraps up with a large number of safety features that will ensure operators avoid serious injury or other emergencies. An operator presence system keeps the mower from running without supervision, while features like drive system interlock and interlock indicators keep the equipment safe from damage even on challenging terrain and in the presence of larger debris.

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