Exmark Pioneer E-Series Mower Overview

Exmark PioneerThe Pioneer E-Series mower from Exmark is designed to be the perfect tool for professional landscapers and lawn care experts, many of whom need the right combination of commercial power and compact residential size. With the Pioneer E-Series, those landscaping professionals get access to a very powerful Kawasaki engine, numerous safety features that eliminate rolling and other hazards, and a small footprint that makes this mower particularly easy to transport between residential mowing and landscaping jobs wherever they might be. For those considering the Pioneer E-Series mower, the right combination of powerful specs and great features will be a welcome improvement for this year’s landscaping jobs and many in the future.

A Look at the Pioneer’s Impressive Engine and Other Specifications

There are two available models within Exmark’s Pioneer E-Series of commercial riding mowers. Both of these mowers come with Kawasaki v-twin engines, though they feature slightly different horsepower ratings based on the size of the mower and the reach of the mower deck. The company’s entry-level model features a 48-inch mower deck that can easily handle most professional and commercial jobs, and that mower comes with a Kawasaki FR615V engine rated at 726cc of displacement. The entry-level E-Series model features a hydrostatic transmission that charge pumps and integrated cooling fans and more, making the riding experience rather enjoyable overall. The mower can travel forward at up to 7 miles per hour, and in reverse at up to 4 miles per hour.

The upgraded E-Series model from Exmark is largely differentiated by its larger deck size, which measures 4 inches wider in diameter to reach 52 total inches. The larger deck size adds weight to the mower, which requires a different Kawasaki engine to get the job done. This model comes with an FR691V engine, rated at up to 691cc of displacement in typical operation. Like its slightly smaller counterpart, this Pioneer E-Series model comes with a hydrostatic drive system that places an emphasis on smooth operation and fatigue-free driving even during extended lawn care periods. The upgraded model offers the same 7mph forward speed and 4mph reverse speed as its 48-inch counterpart.

Both mowers come with an extensive rollover protection system, commonly called ROPS by commercial contractors. Both systems feature a MagStop clutch that can handle up to 125 pound-feet. An operator presence system is a standard safety feature for both models, and equipment buyers will enjoy drive interlock systems and safety interlock indicators for added safety on the job. The smaller of the two mowers comes in at 799 pounds in total weight, while the 52-inch deck on the upgraded model increases its weight slightly to about 805 pounds. Both mowers are rather compact for their amount of power and overall wide decks, making them easy to trailer between jobs.

Excellent Features and Benefits for Professional Landscapers and Others

Exmark’s Pioneer E-Series was designed to be the perfect fit for professional landscapers, though some homeowners will undoubtedly find the equipment’s features perfect for their own needs. Among the most impressive features is the mower’s single, 7-gallon fuel tank. Unlike many other mowers, that sometimes feature multiple fuel tanks with less capacity, the Exmark Pioneer can be filled once and have enough fuel available to get even the largest job done without a break for refueling. That makes the entire process just a bit more productive and quicker to complete, which is essential in professional environments where time is money.

Another key feature of this model is its emphasis on maintenance-free operation. Unlike many competing models, Exmark has equipped its commercial-grade Pioneer E-Series with maintenance-free spindle that require no annual lubrication or regular maintenance. Again, this is a case of the company recognizing that time is money for the average professional buyer. With less time dedicated to maintenance, it’s easier to get the job done efficiently and affordable. Freedom from maintenance is paired with a ROPS design and an operator presence system, further ensuring that any potential issues are averted or made clear before they become serious.

Finally, the Pioneer E-Series from Exmark comes with a unique deck lock that can be put into place when the mower is being transported between landscaping jobs. Designed to be used while trailering, the lock holds the deck in a rather high position that protects the blades from being dinged or damaged while in transit. Again, this is a feature that shows Exmark’s commitment to equipment integrity and less frequent repairs overall.

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