Exmark Lazer Z X-Series Mower (LZX)

Lazer_Z_X-SeriesThe Exmark Lazer Z X-Series mower is one of the best options currently available for commercial landscaping and lawn maintenance work. In fact, it’s more than twice the size and more than twice as powerful as the company’s more compact E-Series model which straddles the line between commercial and residential utility. The X Series comes with quite a few features that are designed to contribute to a more precise cut, better operator comfort throughout extended mowing jobs, less refueling during mowing, and easier maintenance throughout the entirety of the spring, summer, and fall.

Features that Make Mowing Easier and More Professional

Exmark’s goal across the board with its Lazer series of riding mowers is to make sure that both residential and commercial customers can get a lot of work done in minimal time, all without the fatigue typically inflicted by engine vibrations and uneven terrain. To that end, the X-Series comes with a few features pair well with its larger size for efficient, easy operation:

– Iso-Mount Seat Suspension System

The operate seat found on the Lazer X Series riding mower is easily one of the best on the market, driven largely by Exmark’s unique Iso-Mount suspension system. The seat’s suspension is specifically designed to keep the operator in place on more challenging terrain and at faster speeds, while also reducing the severity of vibrations that run from the engine to base of the seat. This unique suspension system is paired with a series of shock-absorbing seat materials that stop most vibrations right before they reach the operator, which makes this mower a natural option for those who typically work for hours at a time.

– Floating UltraCut Deck

One of the problems that can arise from a fixed-suspension deck is that it simply does not conform to the unique terrain found in most outdoor environments. This can leave an inconsistent look when work is completed. Exmark’s Lazer Z X-Series riding mower changes all that by pairing the equipment with a floating mower deck instead. Thanks to its floating installation, the deck can actually conform to the unique bumps and terrain features encountered during mowing, giving a closer, more consistent, and more professional cut than competing mowers.

– Unibody Design and Easy Maintenance Access

The X-Series mower has just two belts that need to be adjusted and maintained, and the mower has been designed specifically to grant operators easy access to internal parts and configurations. Regular maintenance is not just easy to do, however. Thanks to the unibody design of the mower frame, most of the more expensive and time-consuming maintenance requirements of competing mowers will be reduced or eliminated. Unibody construction brings added strength and dependability to the commercial mowing environments where they’re most needed.

– Greater Overall Fuel Efficiency

One of the most significant expenses in commercial landscaping companies comes from fuel costs, which can vary widely over the course of a typical spring and summer. Exmark does its best to reduce those expenses with at least one engine option that uses electronic fuel injection. This is widely regarded as one of the best ways to bring down expenses and maximize every drop of fuel in the tank.

Specifications: A Look at How it All Comes Together

To make sure that each X-Series Exmark Lazer mower has enough power to handle challenging terrain, steep grades, and extended mowing, the company has paired each model with either a Kohler OHV engine or a Kawasaki FX engine. Both of these models are highly efficient and produce a serious amount of horsepower that will guide these larger, somewhat heavier mowers trough quite a bit of work.

Buyers can choose from three distinct deck sizes, with the smallest model offering a 52-inch option. The mid-range X-Series mower comes with a 60-inch mower deck, while the largest model in the X Series lineup features a full 72-inch mower deck for maximum coverage in minimal time. Getting work done with these large mower decks relies on the impressive, 12-gallon fuel tank that makes a whole day of work easy to get done with few pauses for refueling.

The Exmark Lazer X-Series riding mower can drive forward at up to 11.5 miles per hour, which is one of the more impressive speeds currently available. When put in reverse, the mower’s drive system can move at up to 6 miles per hour. A number of controls are used to determine maximum speed, deck height, and other metrics on the fly during use.

Visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment for New Mowers and Exmark Parts

The best way to get started with an Exmark Lazer Z X-Series mower is to visit ShanksLawn.com, where the full range of X Series models can be purchased. The website is also a great resource for those who already own an Exmark mower and simply need replacement pars for repairs or maintenance. An online search tool allows for easy lookup of replacement parts by engine type, model number, and part number.

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