Exmark Lazer Z HP – Why its Right for You

Exmark Lazer Z HPFor those buyers who aren’t aware, the “Z” in Exmark Lazer Z generally stands for “zero-turn.” The Lazer represents the company’s premiere line of zero-turn riding mowers, but it comes with a number of other important features that benefit rider comfort, overall power and the landscape of freshly manicured lawns. With enhanced ergonomics and designs intended to accommodate even the tallest riders, the Lazer Z HP represents the right combination of power and comfort for any homeowner.

A Look at the Lazer Z HP’s Key Features

One of the driving features behind the Lazer Z HP is its use of zero-turn technology, which gives it the ability to maneuver around very tight spots in the average homeowner’s lawn. Essentially, it’s akin to using a compact walk behind mower in tight spaces. The Lazer Z HP pulls this off with ease, largely thanks to its powerful engine and smooth transmission.

The mower also comes with an enhanced riding experience that benefits from several improvements to the standard riding mower experience. First among these is the repositioning of the mower control bars to allow for more legroom and a larger footrest. This is an excellent improvement for taller homeowners who have typically felt cramped in other mowers.

The mower’s operator controls have also been repositioned for greater visibility and usability, which represents the kind of attention to detail that has helped Exmark dramatically increase its sales in recent years. When combined with the other two features noted above, the mower stands out among the crowd in several big ways.

The Specifications that Make the Difference

Exmark’s Lazer Z HP riding mower can travel at a forward speed of just under 10 miles per hour while it can operate in reverse at roughly 4.7 miles per hour. The mower is helped along by a Kawasaki engine that can produce between 17 and 23 horsepower, depending on which of the three specific Lazer Z HP models is being used.

Mower decks available for the Lazer Z HP include models measuring 44 inches, 48 inches and 52 inches in size. Each mower deck represents a different mower model, of course, so buyers will want to pick the Lazer Z HP that corresponds with their lawn’s own unique needs and their own personal preferences.

Benefits of the Lazer Z HP Riding Mower

The sheer size of riding mowers can be an issue for some homeowners, and this might explain why Exmark has taken great care when designing its Lazer Z HP series. The mowers are extremely compact in size, especially given the relatively large engines and mower decks that come standard with each of the three available models. This greatly reduces trailering space needs and makes the mower far more convenient for average consumers.

A redesigned fuel tank gives the Lazer Z HP added fuel storage without contributing to an increase in the mower’s overall size. The total impact of this results in a compact mower than can go longer between fill-ups, giving homeowners a better bang for their buck at the gas station. In a world that is increasingly going green and looking to maximize efficiency, this is a benefit that can’t be understated.

With twin blades and a highly precise cutting system, Exmark’s Lazer Z HP represents one of the most precise and accurate mowers on the market, able to cut lawns as short as just one inch without the usual sacrifices of consistency and quality. That represents a big leap forward when compared to competing riding mowers.

OEM Parts Should Always Be Used for Maintenance

One thing that buyers of the Lazer Z HP will notice is that there is no shortage of off-brand parts for the mower when maintenance or repairs are required. That, of course, is on purpose. Many companies outside of Exmark itself sell parts that are made with different materials, at lower prices, in order to win new business. The problem is that these companies often produce parts that are of lesser quality. They don’t stand the test of time very well.

With OEM replacement parts, those concerns can be easily forgotten. Consumers who purchase OEM parts are purchasing parts that have been made in Exmark’s own factories. They’ve been subjected to the company’s strict standards for quality control, and they’re assuredly compatible with the model for which they are being purchased. It’s the best combination of compatibility and durability that Laxer Z HP owners will be able to find anywhere.

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