Exmark Lazer Z E-Series Mower (LZE)

Exmark Lazer E SeriesThough Exmark is rightly associated with mowers that bring unparalleled power and performance to commercial landscapers and even some residential mower buyers, the company recognizes that there’s something to be said for a greater degree of value in each purchase. That’s why the Exmark Lazer E-Series mower has become such a popular option for those who run their own commercial landscaping enterprises. The E-Series riding mower is designed to offer an Exmark-style commitment to power and dependability, but in a footprint that offers compact dimensions and with materials that are far more affordable than many higher-priced alternatives. The result is a great mower for smaller businesses or those on a budget, with the right combination of price and performance across the board.

Key Features: A Look at What the Lazer E-Series Has to Offer

Because the Exmark Lazer Z series is designed to be used largely in commercial environments, each mower sold by the company under this label features some of the most durable materials and assemblies of any commercially targeted mower on the market. That means features like unibody frame designs, carefully crafted mower decks, and built-in safety visualization systems are standard. Features like a rollover protection system are standard, and numerous data points help commercial operators make sure that their mower is performing up to par without inflicting injury.

In addition to all of these standard safety features that really help commercial operators reduce their risk of injury, the mower comes with a number of on-board diagnostic indicators that can help make maintenance significantly easier as well. The E-Series mower comes with on-board indicators and tools that report on the mower’s fuel level, battery charge, safety switches, and even the number of hours that the equipment has been used since it was purchased a new mower.

All of the information is presented on a digital screen that is easy to read in virtually all conditions. Equipment owners essentially remove the mystery from mower maintenance, since the equipment reports the exact number of hours used, fluid levels measured, and more. In conjunction with the maintenance schedule and other recommendations, keeping the Lazer Z going over the long-term is pretty easy.

Another key focus of the E-Series Lazer Z mower is on overall simplicity in making key adjustments and getting the job done. That’s why Exmark has included a single-point adjustment mechanism for controlling the deck height. Instead of adjusting the deck, blades, and rake independently, this system does it all with just a simple click. The included hydro-drive system further enhances mower ease of use, eliminating all hoses and leak points while supplementing the drive system with two highly durable belts. All told, it makes the E-Series among the easiest to use, maintain, and enjoy, with minimal hassles or exposure to safety risks.

Specification Discussion for the Exmark Lazer E-Series Riding Mower

The team at Exmark has long been loyal to Kawasaki when it comes to powering commercial landscaping equipment, and the Lazer Z E-Series falls in line with that pattern. Three of the company’s four existing E-Series models each come equipped with a Kawasaki FX engine, producing a minimum of 600cc of displacement during routine use. A fourth model comes with the popular Kohler ECV740 engine, which can produce up to 747cc of displacement during typical conditions. All engines feature a standard, v-twin OHV architecture for maximum power without adding a significant amount of heft to the mower’s weight.

Because commercial landscapers come in all types, the company has made sure to offer three compelling mower deck size choices at the time of purchase. The smallest of the company’s available E-Series models features a 48-inch mower deck that could do double duty both in commercial and residential settings. A slightly larger model features both an upgraded Kawasaki FX engine and a 52-inch deck. At the high end of the spectrum, Exmark has two 60-inch models differentiated by their use of either a Kawasaki or Kohler engine.

Continuous mowing will be no problem for any of the Lazer Z E-Series mowers, since all four models come with an 8-gallon fuel tank capable of powering through multiple hours of continuous landscaping work. The fuel tank’s contribution to productivity and efficiency is a welcome contrast when compared to other brands looking to appeal to small-time, value-minded landscapers. It’s also instrumental in driving the UltraCut system found within the mower deck, which allows the blades to give a more consistent and professional cut with each pass over the turf.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Offers Exmark Mowers, OEM Parts, and Service

Exmark’s Lazer Z E-Series mower is perfect for light commercial landscaping and even some residential settings, depending which model and deck size is chosen by the buyer. Whether it’s a new E-Series mower or the OEM replacement parts and service that keep the equipment running, ShanksLawn.com has the online tools and real-world experience to get the job done.

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