Exmark Lazer Z D-Series Mower (LZD)

Lazer_Z_DS-SeriesWhen today’s commercial landscaping companies are looking for something as dependable as it is efficient, their mind usually turns to a single word: Diesel. That’s because today’s diesel engines are highly efficient, and they can even outperform their unleaded gasoline counterparts in terms of fuel economy during extended mowing periods. Diesel engines are also highly durable, especially when made by companies that specialize in diesel architecture, cooling, and related concerns. That’s where Exmark’s D-Series Lazer Z mowers really shine. They’re diesel models designed for everyday commercial use, with unique features that give them extended longevity and daily dependability in a wide variety of settings.

Diesel Engine Advantage: A Look at Key D-Series Mower Engine Features

One of the biggest perks of the D Series Lazer mowers sold by Exmark is their diesel engine, which stands in stark contrast to the more conventional engines sold alongside other Lazer Z models and mowers from competing manufacturers. The diesel engine in this case is designed, quite literally to be bulletproof. Using innovative Kubota designs, these engines will be largely unfazed by challenging lawn terrain, large debris and typical obstructions.

The engine is also liquid-cooled, which allows it to run more efficiently even for long periods of time. To further enhance the significant benefits associated with consistent engine cooling, Exmark has smartly positioned the radiator in an area where it has both maximum air exposure and maximum engine surface exposure. The result is a significantly greater capacity to cool the engine down using the air generated by a mower’s forward movement though the lawn. When combined with a large fuel tank, that means this engine will run longer, last well into the future, and drive down long-term costs.

Rear Discharge and Other Key Features for Today’s Buyers

The diesel engine is a significant feature of the D Series, but it’s not the only one that appeals to today’s commercial customers. In fact, a feature just as much in demand is rear discharge. This allows the mower to operate like something of a mulcher, by discharging clippings evenly behind the mower as it proceeds through a typical cutting job. The difference is that blades are minimally processed and disbursed evenly, which actually reduces wear and tear on the blades.

Furthermore, even discharge is aesthetically more pleasing than long lines of piled-up clippings from a side discharge mower. With that said, side-discharge models are available for those commercial buyers who prefer more conventional features. Lesser wear and tear on mower blades and the mower deck is just the beginning. Both side- and rear-discharge mowers come with unibody frames and welded steel parts that resist warping, bending, or succumbing the damage that can sometimes result from debris or accidents.

A Look at the D-Series Mower’s Spec Sheet

The results of rear discharge mowing and diesel engine operation are clear: This mower is mower powerful and offers a more professional finished product than many others currently on the market. Buyers are given the flexibility to choose between side-discharge and rear-discharge mowing decks, and they have two different sizes to choose from. The more compact of these models offers a 60-inch deck with both discharge methods. An upgraded mower deck extends to 72 inches total, giving this mower a massive wingspan for more efficient work.

The included Kubota diesel engine comes in two varieties, with the entry-level model featuring 3-cylinder operation that can produce up to 898cc of displacement. A slightly larger engine, used with the 72-inch mower deck models, produces even mower power so that it can offset the added heft from carrying a larger deck and larger mower blades. Engine power is a significant factor in the mower’s maximum rated forward speed, which tops out at 12 miles per hour. When operated in reverse, the mower can achieve up to 8 miles per hour. Braking is extremely effective, thanks to the mower’s MagStop clutch and drive system that can handle up to 250 pound-feet of torque.

For safety throughout commercial mowing tasks, each of the four available models comes with a rollover protection system, or ROPS, attached behind the driver’s seat. The mower also contains an operator presence monitoring system and comes with an informative dashboard with safety and maintenance indicators. The combination of these features with the powerful engine and impressive MagStop clutch system ensure that operators everywhere will be effectively protected from most dangers of commercial mowing.

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Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a great resource for commercial Exmark mower buyers who prefer to pair their purchase with expert customer service and long-term mower support. In addition to offering each of the available Lazer Z D-Series riding mowers, the company maintains an online replacement part inventory that makes it easy to find any OEM Exmark part required for seasonal maintenance or an urgent repair.

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